Link Building Tools

The best link building tools can help you to build backlinks to your website. Getting backlinks is with automated backlink builder tools. But getting relevant quality backlinks is difficult.

These link building tools are going to help you do thorough research on your competition. So that you can outperform them in terms of backlinks. You even need tools for outreach and certain tools to execute only a certain type of strategy to get backlinks.

Here in our link building tools list, we have it all. Here you will find the major tools that you need for research and also for reaching out to people for a backlink. In this list, we didn’t include any automated link builders as they do more harm to your website than good. So you best avoid them.

Without further ado let’s get started with the list of best backlink building tools:

Link Building Tools 


It is the swiss army knife of SEO. But it is one of the best tools that you can go for if you want a single tool for link building. It is totally your best bet if you are short on budget for link building tools.

Ahrefs has the largest database of backlink database to analyze the link profile. You will get detailed information about the backlink portfolio of your competitors.

It will even show you referring domains linking to your competitor but aren’t liking to you. So that you can approach them to link to you instead of your competitors.

Majestic SEO

You will be able to get information about the backlinks of your competitors. But it doesn’t end here, because you will be able to do a lot more with Majestic SEO.

Your backlink campaigns are totally covered with Majestic SEO. As you will be able to run and manage link building campaigns using the tool. There are opportunities to get extended data about your own website from Majestic SEO.

Open Site Explorer

The Open Site Explorer is a great tool by Moz. It has been voted to be one of the best SEO link building tools.

You will be able to discover detailed data about your competitors backlink profile and your own. It will lead you to opportunities for obtaining better backlinks.

You will get the tool included with many other tools in the subscription of Moz. It has also a great tool for content research and the keyword for search engine optimization.

Raven Tools

Raven tools are a set of tools. But it has a great tool included for backlink analysis.

You will be able to spy on backlinks that your competitors have. It will give you insights about their link building strategies. Then you can further enhance your link building campaigns.

Broken Link Builder by Citation Labs

There are many approaches to link building. One of them is a broken link building. You can simply find if a website is pointing its visitors to a broken link. Then ask the webmaster to link to a page on your website where it is relevant. That is a broken link building.

With this tool, you will be able to find out the broken links that websites are pointing to. After finding out the broken links you can simply hit up the webmaster about. Offer them that they can link to your content if they are pointing their visitors to a broken link.

It is an effective way to increase the opportunities for link building.


BuzzSumo is a tool that you can use to find out the top and famous content in your niche. It will show you how many times it has been shared on social media and who have shared it.

But it doesn’t end there, as it has a powerful tool for link building. After you find out the famous content which has been shared most you can create better content than that one. It will be easier as you will know what exactly you need to create a better piece of content.

Then find out the people who have linked to the top and famous contents. Then reach out to those people. Asking them to check out your content. If they say that they link it, you can ask them to link to you.


BuzzStream is a tool that you can strictly use for link building. You will be able to do research faster so that you can save time It will even help you to reduce the pain of working on various platforms. As there are features to save the contacts of that you need to outreach. No need to work on spreadsheets anymore.

Link building projects are going to be a piece of cake to manage with the software. Keep track of your progress with just a handful of clicks. You can even set up reminders for following up so that you don’t miss out on any opportunity for each and every backlink that you can get.


Building relationships with the influencers in your niche can help you get strong powerful backlinks. Yes, you can get paid backlinks from influencers but building a relationship can help you get more than simply money can get you. Twitter just happens to be a great platform to build these sort of relationships.

Followerwonk shows detailed data about the social profiles of the influencers. You can check out the old tweets, followers, following, social authority and others. These data can get you a clear idea about a strategy to build a great relationship with influencers.


You need to take a prospect based approach to build links with Ontolo. As you will be getting details about pre-prospects. So that you can do a good assessment.

The contact information like email address, contact form URL, social media account will be in your hands. All the data about prospects can help you to maximize your reach for backlinks.

Please do note that this tool isn’t for you if you are just getting started. If you are used to doing link building and parts of SEO then you can get started with this. This tool has a bit of a learning curve.

You might find it a bit difficult to use just after signing up as it isn’t very user-friendly. But we just couldn’t ignore it because of the detailed information you can obtain from it. These tools are also called link prospector.

Muck Rack

Muck Rack is a platform for smarter PR campaigns. You will find the right journalists that you need to pitch for your PR campaigns. As the search engine of Muck Rack is very good at filtering out the journalist that are not relevant to your brand.

There are also other perks to use Muck Rack. As you will be able to keep an eye on the PR of your industry. You will get alerts when journalists write about a certain keyword, your brand or your competitor. It will let you find a journalist who are interested in what you offer similar to your competitors.

Guest Post Tracker

Guest blogging is an amazing way to get backlinks from anchor text within an article that you write as a guest for another blog. Here in the software, you will find a massive list of websites that accept guest posting. You can filter out the company blogs and influencer blogs that accept guest posts.

Guest posting for link building can be a pain. As the pipeline is a bit complex. But the Guest Post Tracker will make it very simple to keep track of everything under one roof for you. Guest posting has never been easier than now because of Guest Post Tracker.

Final Words

Using these best link building tools can help you to get started and maximize your link building campaign. You don’t necessarily have to use all of the backlink builder tools. You can simply use a combination of a few SEO link building tools. As using many backlink building tools can make you an overwhelmed digital marketer.

Link Building is a complex procedure. You can’t simply expect to get backlinks from everyone you reach out to for a backlink. In fact before asking for a backlink you need to figure out if the backlink is actually going to help you in any way.

You will face a lot of rejections while link building. But don’t get discouraged. Because that is how it is. If you get a handful of relevant links from highly authoritative websites it will be more than enough for you get ranking high.

Using these best backlink building tools can make your life way easier and make the process faster. So don’t worry and get started with your favorite SEO link building tools.

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