Off Page SEO Checklist

Generally, you get started with on-page SEO technique after you have published your post on your website. Most people leave it at that. They do not go for off-page SEO which is just as important as on-page SEO. You do not want to be on the same boat as them.

Off-page SEO is optimizing your website by taking actions that do not bring a direct change in the content of your website. Off-page SEO let’s search engines know about how the visitors and other websites view your page. Do they see you as a brand or a plague that must be avoided?

Here we will present you with off page optimization checklist. If you do all the points that we mention in off page SEO checklist you will rank higher on search engines. Only given the fact that you do technical SEO and on-page SEO as well.

Without any further ado let’s get started with off page SEO list.

Off Page SEO Checklist


Your service or product needs to be top notch for this. If you have blog posts that provide quality content, it needs to be unique. Then the content needs to be the best.

People are going to look for you on search engines. If people types in your brand name on search engines, you will be recognized as a brand in the long run. It will also influence your audience to share your content on social media.

Keyword Research

Keyword research must be done way before you write your content as it is one of the very first steps on search engine optimization. It needs to be done based on the customers that you are trying to reach through your content.

While doing keyword research be sure to find out the LSI keywords as well. As these can help you to optimize your content further.

In fact, if you mention your target keyword too much Google will take your website as a spammy brand. You do not want that. It can lead you getting banned from search engines’ search results page. So use LSI keywords appropriately where target keywords need to be used.

Social Media

Promote your content on social media. You can do organic promotion or you can do paid promotion by running advertisement campaigns. It will increase your brand awareness and maximize social shares.

Doing advertisement campaigns will get you faster and visible results. These days it is getting quite difficult to get results on social media through organic promotion. The social media giants are taking pay to play approach.

If your company is totally new then get started with the social media where most of your customers reside.


You can go to forums that relate is relevant to your industry. Now it does not necessarily have to be a forum directly. You can also do it on Facebook groups, subreddits of Reddit, Quora etcetera.

On these platforms, you need to look for questions that you can answer on behalf of your brand. Answer the questions in details and within the answer somewhere link to a content on your website that can further discuss or help the reader.

These work great in the long run. As people are always looking for solutions to their problems there.

Influencer Marketing

You cannot miss out on this opportunity. Customers these days trust an influencer more than they trust a company. So you need to get an influencer to promote your brand.

Your brand will gain more trust and engagement on social media if you can successfully run a campaign. But there are also cases where influencer marketing goes wrong. So, make sure to do it right. As bad influencer marketing campaign can give people a totally wrong message.

There are many influencer marketing platforms to choose influencers. Such as “” Try influencer marketing through a marketing platform. Not by directly contacting an influencer. Especially if you are just getting started.

Website Structure

Proper website structure is important for quality links. You need to have a siloed website.

Siloed website is categorizing your website properly according to hierarchy. There are going to be categories and subcategories accordingly under the homepage of your website.

Website Speed

Website loading speed is a major search ranking factor. If your website takes too long to load then people are simply going to leave. Google and other search engines will detect that your website is slow and rank it lower.

There are services like CDN, VPS hosting To load your website faster. These services may increase your expenses but they are totally worth every penny when you start to see the results.

Broken Links

Fix up all the broken links in your website. It gets quite difficult to find out the broken links and errors of your website. So you need to use tools like SEMRush for the site audit.

Tools like these are going to tell you clearly about the errors of your website. Then you can simply fix it up easily. Make sure to check all of the anchor texts in your content.


Relevant & Authoritative Backlinks

The backlink is one of the most hyped parts of SEO. Getting authoritative Backlinks shows that you are trusted by other top brands in your industry. That means a lot to Google.

As Google sees that you are trusted, it is going to rank you higher. But when you get Backlinks to make sure it is relevant to your content. Otherwise, it is going to have negative effects on your website. Having great content will get you high-quality links to your website.

Guest Author

There are top blogs in your industry who allows guest posts. You need to post on these blogs for guest blogging.

Make sure that the content you write for these blogs is top class. Because generally, you would be paying for this opportunity. If you write an awesome blog post people are going to flock to your website.

It will also get you a backlink from an authoritative website in your industry.

Offline Marketing

Yes, it might sound weird but it works. Organize events that get people’s attention. It can be a competition or something.

However, for the event, you need to get people to directly get to your website. For this, some people are going to type in your brand on Google and some will just type in your domain.

Nonetheless, Google is going to detect these. And start to recognize you as a brand in the long run.

If you run a restaurant or sell products then you can get your customers to share what they purchased from you on social media. When they do make the post make sure to ask them to mention your shop’s location like it’s done on Instagram or Facebook. It will greatly boost your brand.



These are the main factors that you need to consider for off-page SEO. Initially, you do not need to get started with the off page SEO checklist. As it can be overwhelming.

Just follow the off-site optimization checklist and follow each of them serially. There is also technical SEO, you cannot simply keep yourself busy with off-page SEO only.

Check out our checklist of technical SEO.

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