Technical SEO Checklist

by | May 30, 2019

Having great content with proper on-page and off-page SEO is a must for search engine optimization. But how good are they if search engines can’t crawl pages your site?

Technical SEO is a critical part of your search engine optimization campaign. Without it, you will see that your website has technical issues when you do an SEO audit. Both the Google search engine and web visitors hate technical issues on the website. As it gives off a bad user experience.

Don’t fret that you aren’t a technical person. You can do technical SEO without being a techy just by following our checklist technical SEO.

With all that said, let’s get started with our technical SEO checklist.

Technical SEO Checklist 2019

Robots.txt File

This file gives information has information about the links on your website. It resides at the root directory as you can easily find it.

The file needs to have the correct format and be included in your XML sitemap. It has information about which pages of your website needs to be indexed.

If you see that you can’t get crawl errors for a page you can check your robots.txt file for “Disallow: /” command. If you see it be sure to remove it from the link that you want to be indexed by search engines.

There are going to be pages which you don’t want to appear on search results. You can manage it easily within the robots.txt file.

Canonical Links

These can be URLs in your website that contains almost the same content. It is highly probable because of the content creation process.

But you can’t aim to rank both the pages for the same keyword. At that case, you can use the canonical link. Using canonical you tell the search engines which is the preferred page for indexing.

Google Search Console is a tool by Google. It is totally free. You can use it to get a good idea about the pages which are indexed by Google. From there you can understand which links need to be canonicalized.


Redirects help the search engines understand if your content has been moved somewhere or permanently deleted. There are many types of redirects.

Such as 301 redirects, it is a very important one. As it tells the search engines if the content has been moved permanently.

When you do redirects make sure that there is only one redirect. You shouldn’t redirect search engines to one page that redirects to another. Bottom line is that reduce the number of redirects as much as possible.

Make sure that you do the redirects properly. You don’t want people to click on your website’s listing on search results and find a broken link or 404 Error.

Schema Markup

Using schema markup, you can tell Google about your website. As a result, when Google crawls your content it understands each and every part of your content easily.

So when people search for the keywords on search engines your website has chances of appearing in a rich snippet. People are more likely to click on your website listing on search engines when it appears as a rich snippet.

Duplicate Content

Having duplicate content is a serious issue. It can happen unintentionally.

Check for duplicate contents in archives and backups if they are indexed or not. You can fix it up with the canonical link.

Mobile Friendly

Make your website highly responsive and mobile friendly. So that when people visit your website they can view it clearly.

Without a mobile-friendly website it will have a bad user experience. People clicking on search listing of your website will immediately leave if they are on mobile. As a result, your bounce rate will increase. That is why having a mobile-friendly website is a must.

By using Google Analytics you will get clear data about the visitors to your website. How many of them visit from mobile and how many of them use a desktop. It will give you a clearer idea about how much you will miss if you don’t make your website mobile friendly.


Adding breadcrumbs to your website makes it easier for people to navigate in your website. As your website gets larger with content it will get more difficult to navigate.

So when there are breadcrumbs it will be easier to understand where on your website is the visitor is. And when the visitor wants to go back, he/she can simply go through the breadcrumbs to the point where they want to go to.

Page Speed

Slow pages and large pages aren’t even indexed by search engines very often. So you need to make sure that your website has fast page loading speed.

Google recommends that all of the content of your website should load within four seconds. Because generally if it takes longer people don’t wait. They will simply leave your website.

Comparison with Competitors

Always compare your website with the competitors. If your website loads slower than them and the type of content they publish. How is the user experience of their website and everything?

If you can do better than your competitors you are surely going to thrive on the search engine. But if they do better than you, well then you can probably guess what is going to happen.


This is just simply a checklist for technical SEO. You will be able to rank higher and optimize your website better if you follow the technical SEO checklist.

Technical SEO is a major part of SEO. As with anything technically wrong with your website can get some of its page unindexed. Even worse in some cases you might even get banned.

With the perfect on-page and off-page SEO campaign, you can’t have a high ranking without technical SEO done right. So you need to concentrate on technical checklist of SEO when you optimize your page for on page and off the page.

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