IBA Alumni Lottery

Empowering Alumni Engagement

The IBA (Institute of Business Administration) Alumni Association needed a digital space for their upcoming reunion.

IBA Alumni


IBA Alumni Association is an organization for graduates of the Institute of Business Administration, a renowned business school in Bangladesh. The association aims to connect and engage with IBA alumni, provide them with opportunities for networking, professional development, and social engagement, and facilitate their contributions to the development of their alma mater.


IBA Alumni Association


Front-end and Back-end Development

Project Length

August to October 2021

The IBA Alumni Association wanted a website to serve as a central platform for all their alumni. They requested a site to house all the information for their reunion program and develop a database for all their alumni.

What we accomplished

Our team developed a website with a comprehensive database of all the alumni, their graduation years, and contact details. We also integrated a registration feature for their upcoming reunion program, allowing for online event registration, which also came with a lottery functionality to make the occasion even more exciting.
The mobile responsive website made it simple for alumni to access the information they needed from both mobile devices and computers.

Custom Lottery System

A custom algorithm was developed that randomly selected a registered alumni, allowing for a fair and transparent selection process, and alumni could view the results on the website.

We developed a comprehensive database that included information about all the alumni, their graduation years, and contact details. This database was designed to be easily accessible and could be updated as new alumni joined the association.

New Challenges

Our team faced several learning challenges during the project, such as working with new technologies and tools, including Python, Django, and jQuery, which were new to some team members. Developing a custom algorithm that could randomly select alumni who had registered for the reunion program was a significant challenge that pushed our team's boundaries.

AccessTUTOR Full Stack Web Development image

Full Stack Web Development

A custom database in MySQL provided the client with a streamlined process for managing alumni data and ensured that all information was up-to-date and accurate.

Python and Django was used to build the lottery functionality. This solution required significant collaboration and problem-solving, and our team delivered an efficient and effective lottery automation process.

A resounding success for the client and the team

Automating the lottery required our team to push beyond our current boundaries and work creatively and collaboratively to find a solution. This challenge helped us develop our problem-solving skills and reinforced the importance of collaboration and teamwork. Overall, the project provided us with valuable learning opportunities that helped us improve our skills and knowledge.