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INPACE Shop aims to make modern technological products and accessories available to the masses.

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The INPACE Shop e-commerce store offers high-end camera equipment and computer accessories at competitive prices, enabling photography and tech enthusiasts to access cutting-edge technology and products with ease. They have successful physical stores in BCS Computer City in Agargaon, Multiplan Center, and Eastern Plus.


INPACE Management Services Limited


Senior Developer

Product Photographer

Client Service Manager

Project Manager

Project Length

August to October 2021


E-commerce Development

Social Media Management

Product Photography

Inpace Shop needed a design overhaul to improve website performance, navigation and user experience for their customers.

What INPACE Shop needed

INPACE Shop's earlier version had several serious flaws that made using it clumsy and difficult. An antiquated design language that made it challenging to navigate the website and find what you were looking for was one of the greatest issues. Users frequently gave up trying to navigate the busy, confusing interface before even finding the desired goods. The issues included:

Slow website loading time
Broken website navigation
Limited options for payment and shipping
High bounce rate due to broken user experience

All of these issues contributed to a low level of user engagement, and a high rate of abandonment. To overcome these challenges, INPACE Shop needed to undergo a complete redesign and rebuild, to provide a more streamlined and user-friendly experience for its customers.

What we accomplished

INPACE Shop is now a top-notch e-commerce platform that offers a truly outstanding shopping experience, able to serve customers and their technological needs.

Real photos of products being sold

Real photos of products being sold

Order tracking

Order tracking

Account creation to manage orders

Account creation to manage orders

Search for products more easily

Search for products more easily

Faster loading times

Kinsta’s server platform also comes with a range of features that optimize website performance, such as automatic backups, advanced caching, and SSL certification. These features ensured that the website was always secure and running at its best, providing customers with a high-quality shopping experience.

The team worked to optimize images, minify code, and reduce page load times, all of which contributed to a faster and more efficient website.

Enhanced shopping experience

WooCommerce was the ideal choice for the e-commerce platform for the site. This allowed for seamless payment processing through the integration of a payment API, making it easy and secure for customers to complete their purchases.

To enhance the customer experience, professional product photoshoots were carried out to showcase the high-end camera equipment and computer accessories available for purchase.

Creating an amazing shopping experience

The project for INPACE Shop was a challenging and rewarding experience for the team. Despite the tight deadline, the team was able to overcome the various challenges and implement a range of solutions that ensured the website was both functional and visually appealing.