Off-page SEO

Off-Site SEO Optimization is an important part of your SEO strategy. You can’t ignore it if you want to get your web pages rank high on search results. If you want to do off-site SEO you need to understand what is off page optimization in SEO.

Off-page SEO is the optimization that you do away from your website to improve your rankings on the search engines. When you do off page SEO is can be making your brand more trustworthy, relevant or making it an authority in your industry. You really have to do a lot for off-page SEO strategy.

It might sound a lot of work. But why would you want to go through all of the work when you can simply take care of on-page SEO and technical SEO? Well, off-site SEO is just as important as technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. You cannot avoid off-page SEO if you want to climb the rankings on the Google search result page.

While the algorithm of Google search engine is proprietary you cannot simply know the 100% of all the ranking factors that you can do off the page. But we know which factors are most important to Google to rank your website high.

The major off-page SEO factors are:

Off Page SEO

Domain Level

The domain level is actually a domain rating that Google gives to a website. It is dependant on the number of high authority websites linking to your domain.

You can measure a similar rating for your website by using Moz. It shows domain authority. If you use Ahrefs you will get domain rating.

Page Level

Here the rating of your page is dependant on the content of your website. Your quality content needs to gain high authority backlinks for having a high page rank.

There are also off-site SEO factors like how many times your content has been shared on social media, how long people stay on your web page and interact, etc.

Use Moz to check Page Authority of your web pages or Ahrefs for measuring URLRating. Both are URLRating and Page Authority are similar metrics.


If you are a well-reputed brand on the internet you will be able to get a lot of attention to the search engines. You need to have people talking about your brand on social media.

As the word spreads and people gains trust in your company, you will become a brand with time. There need to be mentions of your brand on social media and other top websites like news websites or magazines.

Social Media

Your social media profiles surely are a great way to get attention to your brand. People on social media will interact with the account or pages that you have on social media platforms. The greater the interaction more the popular your social profiles are going to be. You also need to build up a large following for your brand on social media. It will grow your brand awareness.

Page Link

It is the number of links that your web page has received. If your website has received a lot of links from the irrelevant websites or links from low authority websites it is simply not going to work. In fact, it can do more harm than good. You need to get referral links from the top brands in your industry.

Traffic & Usage

The number of web traffic is an important factor in off-site SEO. If your website gets a lot of traffic, it means that your brand is popular. You will get a lot more interaction on the piece of content you have on high traffic web pages. These engagements are a signal to Google for ranking a web page high.

Now let’s get into the two major parts of off-page SEO. On that relates to links and the other dows now. We will teach you how to utilize both the ways to get higher rankings on search engines.


Backlinks are people linking to your website for a certain keyword or our brand name or for promotion during PR or anything. You need to get high authority backlinks for gaining high authority in your industry. As you gain more backlinks you will start to rank higher on the search engine results page.

Mainly there are three types of link:

Natural Links

These are backlinks that you get from the website as a referral. You do not pay for these to the website that refers or links to you. Let’s clarify with an example.

If you run an online grocery shop you get a link to your website from food bloggers on blog posts. Saying that your online grocery shop is the blogger’s favorite.

Manually Built Links

You need to run linking building campaigns for these backlinks. You do not get these for free. But you can get these through influencer marketing, website promotion, link building strategies, and a lot more ways.

Self-Created Links

You get these links through activities like submitting to forums, blog commenting, online directory or PR with optimized anchor text. But you need to be careful that you do not go into the back hat side of search engine optimization while doing these.

You need to keep certain things in check to get quality backlinks. When you get backlinks from website keep these in mind:

The website’s popularity in your industry.

The relevance of the content that you are receiving a link from.

The anchor text is used to link to your website.

The trustworthiness of the brand in your industry.

Authority of the page and domain of the website.

If you check these factors for the website that you are getting links from then you are good to go. Basically, these are the major ones. Try to get these factors at the highest point as possible.

For example, if you can get a link to your car blog from the “” you surely will get a boost. Given all the factors mentioned above are met.

Non-Link Related Off-Page SEO

Mainly off-page SEO is concentrated on link building. But it is not the whole part of off-page SEO. As there are also other parts of off-page SEO.

Social Media Marketing

Promote your website and social account posts on social media. It is going to get the attention of potential customers to your website. More the engagement you get on your social accounts the popular your brand is going to get. Do not forget to include social media marketing as a part of your content marketing pipeline.

Google spiders crawls through social media as well. They get the signals of engagements and growth of followers that you have. These stronger these signals are more the ranks you are going to climb.

Guest Blogging

It is one of the off-site SEO optimization strategies for link building. But you need to consider that it is an exciting opportunity for you to get mentions on other platforms as well. Once your content gets published on other blogs as the guest post you will be known to their audience as well.

Always try your best to make your guest posts as helpful as possible. Make your guest posts extremely thorough and helpful for the audience. Put in your utmost effort to make the guest posts as valuable as possible. It is your chance to get in front of massively new sets of eyeballs and one of the easiest marketing strategies.

Brand Mentions

You can get brand mentions at online events and many places. Like you can donate to an educational institute and get a mention from their educational website. It will get you a backlink from .edu website.

Concentrate on the mentions of your brand. Donations, online events, and competitions are great ways to get a brand mention.

You can also get brand mentions by sponsoring offline events as well. It will help you with local SEO as well.

Influencer Marketing

It is the age of influencer marketing. People trust an influencer more than a brand these days. So what you can do is get an influencer to promote your brand. It will work effectively. Influencer marketing helps you to get direct access to the audience that the influencer has built up. So it is best to go for influencers of your industry.


Off-site SEO optimization is mainly about making your website more trusted to search engines like Google. As search engines start to trust you as a brand you will rank higher for search queries relating to your industry. So that is why backlinks, social media, press releases are important for off-page SEO factors.

Off-site SEO optimization major part is link building. If you do not do link building you will not be able to rank higher. So we highly suggest you check out our link building strategies.

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