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Best Cloud Web Hosting Services

With the best cloud web hosting services, you can distribute the resource requirements of your website across a large virtual server.

This huge virtual server is located in data centers all over the world. That is why a cloud hosting service is an extremely secure and fast-loading hosting system.

ImagesKinsta Web Hosting
Best Google Cloud Platform
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ImagesLiquid Web Hosting
Best Managed Private Cloud Hosting
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ImagesWP Engine Web Hosting
Best Managed Cloud Hosting
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ImagesHostinger Web Hosting
Best for Cloud Extras
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ImagesCloudways Web Hosting
Best for Infrastructure-as-a-Service Solutions
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ImagesDreamhost Web Hosting
Best for Operating System Freedom
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ImagesSiteground Web Hosting
Best for Cloud Customization
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ImagesFlywheel Web Hosting
Best Cloud Hosting for Enterprise-grade Infrastructure
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ImagesNexcess Web Hosting
Best Cloud Hosting For Fast Performance
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ImagesA2 Web Hosting
Best for SSD Storage
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ImagesInmotion Web Hosting
Best Cloud VPS: Reliable and Scalable
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ImagesKamatera Web Hosting
Best for Affordable Versatility
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ImagesDigitalOcean Web Hosting
Best for Pure Cloud Web Hosting
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But how would you know which cloud hosting services are rated as the best cloud hosting servers when there are so many different cloud hosting services available?

Or how will you choose the best cloud hosting service without having much experience with cloud web hosting?

That is why I’m here today, to demonstrate the greatest cloud hosting solutions that will allay all of your website-related concerns.

I will walk you through every step of the web hosting process to ensure that you fully understand it.

I will also help you to find the best cloud hosting solution among them.

Excited to know about the best cloud website hosting? Let’s get going.

What is Cloud Web Hosting Service?

Table of Contents

Before jumping into the main topic, which is the best cloud hosting services, you should know the fundamentals of a web hosting service system.

For that, I am assuming you do not know anything about a hosting platform, hosting solutions, or hosting offers and want to create a website for your business or personal use.

Let’s say you have a clothing store, and you want to create a website for your online customers. Then you will need a web hosting server.

Web hosting means online storage where you will store all your website files and makes your website content accessible on the internet.

According to their needs, various business owners employ various hosting services. One of them is a cloud web hosting service.

If you properly grasp how to use it, it is the most cost-effective hosting solution available.

Cloud web hosting is a web host that uses the resources of several clustered servers to host a website.

Cloud hosting employs a virtual server to host websites.

Since This hosting uses the virtual resources of multiple servers to handle every part of hosting your website, this is known as could a web hosting server.

Now, You must be thinking, why do you need multiple servers to host your website? Or what are the benefits of using a cloud hosting solution?

You will get the answers when you gradually get to know the amazing options of cloud hosting plans.

Just keep reading you will be amazed to see the offerings of the cloud hosting services. Trust me!

13 Best Cloud Web Hosting Services 2022

The list of cloud hosting providers is larger than you can imagine.

Thousands of web hosting cloud services are hosting for every type of business.

From a small business to a big one, every entrepreneur is establishing their online store for the convenience of their customers.

That is why the demand for cloud hosting solutions is increasing daily.

Here I am providing the 10 best cloud hosting services for you-

Kinsta Web Hosting: Best Google Cloud Platform

Kinsta mainly focuses on WordPress managed hosting. That implies that they take excellent care of every hosting and server installations.

This cloud hosting solution is extremely quick because it was built on the Google Cloud Platform.

In case you need assistance, there is a support staff that is, at least according to the marketing promises, completely fluent in WordPress.

Kinsta is, however, comparatively more expensive than other services because it offers all the services a consumer requires effortlessly.

Kinsta’s most affordable plan costs $35.00 a month. So, if you want one of the best cloud hosting servers and are not that bothered with pricing, go for kinsta web hosting without any confusion.

Pros of using Kinsta

  • Super fast loading speed
  • Incredible customer support
  • Easy to use
  • 25+ locations worldwide to choose from.
  • Free Migration
  • Great for traffic spike
  • Great for traffic spike

Cons of using Kinsta

  • High price plans
  • No email hosting
  • Lckes phone support

Why We Picked It

Kinsta operates on its own customized server technology and is entirely cloud-based. Almost everything you’ll need is included.

You automatically receive SSL certificates, as one would anticipate from a premium service.

SSL ensures that all user activity on your website is encrypted, which is beneficial for security, beneficial for avoiding legal action, and even beneficial for an SEO boost from Google.

There is essentially no drawback to this. By default, you receive daily backups that are totally automated.

However, you may also create your own backups whenever you want.

Who It’s For

Kinsta offers managed WordPress hosting services. It provides free migration services.

It is entirely controlled and offers Fort Knox-like protection. Kingsta web hosting will take daily backups and offer the fastest speed possible.

It provides managed hosting, enterprise hosting, and hosting for WooCommerce.

Kingsta hosting is one of the best cloud hosting servers worldwide.

It is a fantastic cloud hosting solution for companies of any size, big or small. Kingsta is well known for delivering the best performance.

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Liquid Web Hosting: Best Managed Private Cloud Hosting

Liquid Web is one of the best cloud web hosting services when it comes to cloud hosting and VPS hosting.

Liquid Web is a cutting-edge solution. The marketed plans are fully managed and include a control panel from InterWorx, cPanel, or Plesk.

This means that you just need to worry about general settings and application installation.

Liquid Web will take care of launching the server, getting it ready for use, and doing server maintenance.

This hosting company’s cloud hosting servers are robust enough to withstand heavy loads.

Additionally, Liquid Web customer service is available around the clock by phone, tickets, and live chat. In addition, a knowledge base with tutorials and documentation is accessible.

The premium provider Liquid Web cloud website hosting offers a wide range of hosting options. Prices for its daughter company, Nexcess, begin at $4.75 per month.

However, Liquid Web’s VPS hosting, which starts at $25 per month, is the most widely used remedy.

Pros of using Liquid

  • Packages for resellers, cloud, and VPS servers that are robust.
  • Ratioed VPS packages
  • Specs for powerful, top-tier servers
  • Excellent client service
  • Outstanding uptime throughout testing
  • SLA-backed 100% uptime guarantee
  • Strong servers for mission-critical websites

Cons of using Liquid

  • Lacks shared hosting plans
  • Expensive, with few refund options

Why We Picked It

Liquid Web cloud website hosting offers a higher caliber of technical support in exchange for its more expensive business hosting plans.

That equates to 100% uptime and a support response time of as little as 59 seconds from trained professionals.

250 customer-facing support staff members are part of Liquid Web’s workforce, but the company also keeps a strong team.

Since Liquid Web offers advanced hosting, it’s the perfect choice for anyone seeking an alternative to shared hosting.

Who It’s For

You never have to worry about business hosting because to Liquid Web’s simplicity, dependability, and affordability.

Additionally, we’ll make sure your technology keeps up with the expansion of your business.

When you visit Liquid Web’s website, it’s immediately apparent that they take their role as a provider of managed hosting services and dedicated servers seriously.

Despite their expertise in hosting huge corporations, they also offer more reasonable solutions for smaller companies.

Therefore, you can definitely rely on Liquid Web hosting services if you are new to this industry.

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WP Engine Web Hosting: Best Managed Cloud Hosting

wp engine reinforce lab

One of the best cloud web hosting services is WP Engine. Their simple hosting provides lightning-quick and powerful servers that can handle everything.

You feel like a royal because to their outstanding customer service and virtually hacker-proof website.

They provide top-notch protection, daily backups, one-click staging areas, automatic caching, one-click restoration points, automatic security upgrades, and more.

WP Engine is like having a team of WordPress specialists by your side.

This cloud hosting servers provides WordPress hosting for companies like HTC, FourSquare, SoundCloud, Balsamiq, and many others.

WP Engine is the answer for businesses that don’t want to deal with the technical aspects of maintaining a blog.

Pros of using WP Engine

  • Excellent uptime while testing
  • Excellent client service
  • Regular backups
  • Danger detection in real time
  • Ideal staging area
  • Cloud hosting options include Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.
  • Custom plans are offered

Cons of using WP Engine

  • There is no mail included with hosting packages.
  • Not selling domains

Why We Picked It

For website owners who wish to adopt a hands-off approach to website administration, WP Engine is among the best managed WordPress hosting packages available.

WP Engine is the best WordPress hosting provider for managed hosting because of its high uptime, high-performance hosting environment.

Who It’s For

People who wish to take a hands-off approach to web hosting quickly spring to mind when thinking of WP Engine because it is a managed cloud hosting solution.

However, there are significantly less expensive options that perform just as well as WP Engine if you manage a small blog or website with a few thousand monthly visits.

On the other side, WP Engine is for you if you’re curious about the technical parts of web hosting but don’t want to get your hands dirty.

WP Engine may be the ideal partner for you if worries about site performance, security, backup, cloud platform flexibility, migrations, and optimization keep you up at night.

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Hostinger Web Hosting: Best for Cloud Extras

hostinger reinforce lab

Hosting is one of the best cloud hosting servers for cloud extras. Hostinger uses an innovative control panel that will help you to manage the server efficiently.

All the necessary tools are assembled in one site. As cloud hosting servers operate on isolated virtual instances, you will have total control over all resources and restrictions.

It offers the most recent performance and technology upgrades. It offers three pricing plans.

Cloud Startup – $7.45/ month

Cloud Professional – $14.95/ month

Cloud Global – $37.00/ month

Hostinger also offers a 30-days money-back guarantee. Hostinger Cloud Hosting Services handle server uptime and monitor 24*7.

It provides superior speed performance. It also offers dedicated IP & resources, best data backups, instant set-up, and Incorporated caching.

Pros of using Hostinger

  • High-quality plans at a very low-cost
  • Supportive customer service
  • Excellent uptime in testing
  • Optional Minecraft servers
  • Includes the company’s own Zyro website builder

Cons of using Hostinger

  • Not every plan has a Windows option
  • No phone support
  • Offers just one email account

Why We Picked It

For having over 30 million users, we have ranked them as the top provider. We chose it since it has its own customized control panel (cPanel and hPanel).

Without a doubt, Hostinger offers the most convenient management over performance and features.

The Hostinger cloud plans have many useful features, including a free domain name and SSL certificates.

Even while its data centers don’t quite have the same global reach as some others, they nonetheless do.

The only significant drawback is that Hostinger exclusively offers Linux hosting; there are no Windows OS servers available.

Who It’s For

As Hostinger offers free SSL certificates and a free domain with a dedicated IP address.

It is attractive for startups and newcomers who are building their first website. It can host unlimited sites and WordPress tools to manage them.

In the beginning, hostinger cloud web hosting server is quite affordable to start with.

However, the pricing depends on how long you commit to the service. It can cost from $29.00 per month to $9.99 a month, depending on the contract period.

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Cloudways Web Hosting: Best for Infrastructure-as-a-Service Solutions

cloudways web hosting reinforce lab

Cloudways are made to be flexible. Your website can be modified based on the products and requirements of your consumers.

You can change the RAM, bandwidth, storage, and database specifications with cloudways. Once your server is configured, you can change the storage capacity without altering the specifications for other resources.

Plans at Cloudways are more adaptable than those of its competitors.

Depending on what works best for your website, you can pick between monthly or hourly pricing packages. Prices also depend on the data center you use.

The cost of the exclusive CDN service from Cloudways, which is available as an add-on, starts at $1 per 25GB for any application you utilize it with.

Firewalls created to shield your applications from harmful traffic and threats at the operating-system level are used by Cloudways to safeguard its servers.

Pros of using Cloudways

  • Very simple to setup
  • Terrific uptime.
  • Supports a variety of apps.
  • A number of adjustable account tiers.
  • Pay-as-you-go arrangements
  • Service without paying before signing up.
  • Clone a website.

Cons of using Cloudways

  • No option to register a domain.
  • Email costs extra.

Why We Picked It

The main feature for which we picked this cloud hosting solution is that it offers you a great collection of options to customize you own hosting plan.

You can choose one of five managed cloud platforms from Cloudways, including Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, to serve as the basis for your website.

You can host your cloud servers from among more than 25 locations across the world using this platform, and you get to pick the country and city.

This is fantastic for site speed because it ensures that you’re never too away from your servers.

The only problem is that it is unfortunately restricted to Linux and lacks several of the common functions other servers provide, such email and domain registration.

Who It’s For

If you have a large business or you company has expanded and it is getting complicated manage you website then you would need a powerful hosting.

However, cloud hosting servers that are powerful ae much costly.

If you are facing these issues then Cloudway would be the best cloud hosting solution for you.

For companies who require infrastructure-as-a-service solutions to restructure and optimize their server ecology, Cloudways is a great offering.

If you want to increase the reliability and support of your website or shift the upkeep and management of your physical data centers to the cloud, you should take a look at Cloudways.

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Dreamhost Web Hosting: Best for Operating System Freedom

dream host reinforce lab

DreamHost is a great budget-friendly and flexible option for developers, as it requires some coding knowledge.

This will be the best choice if you already know how to code and are comfortable managing and customizing your website through a command-line text interface.

You’ll be able to explore the web development tools you’re already using.

Dreamhost provides two distinct options for cloud web hosting:

Cloud computing,which costs $4.50 every month,

Cloud Object Storage,with a monthly starting price of $0.95

If you are looking to develop applications online, DreamHost’s cloud computing plans give you a lot of resources at a great price.

Similarly, in Cloud Object Storage, you can scale up to more than a TB for less than $20 per month.

Pros of using DreamHost

  • High-quality performance and speed
  • Affordable pricing
  • Automated Integration
  • Excellent customer support
  • Offers a custom control panel
  • Gives high security

Cons of using DreamHost

  • Extra fees for advanced features.
  • No email hosting.

Why We Picked It

DreamHost’s cloud server options are affordable and flexible, and you can customize them for use on either the BSD, Linux, or Windows OS platforms.

This gives DreamHost a unique advantage over many other web hosting competitors, which generally focus on Linux.

Likewise, these plans scale depending on your needs, making DreamHost an excellent hosting option.

Who It’s For

If you’re running a small to medium-sized business and have the technical knowledge of coding.

Or else we can say, if you want to develop and build a website on your own and you are in need of BSD or Windows server architecture, then Dreamhost is for you.

It has many incredible host servers like the rebust server, and powerful specs make it a top pick.

So, In a word, if you are a developer and are okay with coding, then you will love this cloud hosting solution.

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Siteground Web Hosting: Best for Cloud Customization

siteground reinforce lab

On the infrastructure of the Google cloud, SiteGround offers fully managed, high-performance cloud hosting.

As a result, your website will receive automatic upgrades, tools to make administering it simpler, optimized servers, and a useful auto-scaling mechanism to ensure it continues to function even during sudden surges in traffic.

These strategies have complete management. That indicates that they manage your account on your behalf.

Your hosting’s IT is taken care of by SiteGround. You can now concentrate on other aspects of your website as a result.

Additionally, Siteground offers amazing performance and quickness.

SiteGround has different types of hosting plans starting at a pretty good price. Here are the plans-

Jump Start (Easy start on the cloud) – $100 per month

Business (Optimal cloud experience) – $200 per month

Business Plus (Advanced performance) – $300 per month

Super Power (Premium server power) – $400 per month

You can always scale as per your website requirement and when it is needed.

Pros of using SiteGround

  • Best for scalability.
  • Free daily backup.
  • It has 4 data centers
  • Supports the latest PHP versions.
  • Performs constant security monitoring
  • Money back guarantee
  • Excellent uptime and speed

Cons of using SiteGround

  • Doesn’t provide service for windows servers.
  • It has storage limitations.

Why We Picked It

SiteGround has been picked up because of its scalability. The Google Cloud uses a number of fully managed cloud hosting plans from SiteGround.

So that they can provide secure, quick, easy, and reliable services.

Moreover, SiteGround stands out from the competitors because of its fully adjustable setup page.

It allows you to fast and simply customize the CPU, memory, and SSD space to your specifications.

Who It’s For

web administrators who desire a lot of customization. Each plan can be customized immediately on SiteGround’s cloud hosting website, which makes the customizing and purchase process simple.

With excellent help and support on offer (via phone, live chat, and email), as well as a very strong uptime guarantee of 99.98%, and great features, SiteGround is capable of providing you with the best cloud hosting servers.

Our hosting research found this to be a hugely reliable provider, with an overall score of 3.7/5.

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Flywheel Web Hosting: Best Cloud Hosting for Enterprise-grade Infrastructure

flywheel reinforce lab

By providing a variety of services that simplify things for web designers and developers, Flywheel stands apart from the majority of other managed WordPress hosting businesses.

Additionally, these functionalities are contained in a chic, user-friendly design.

Flywheel not only offers safe, high-performance, managed WordPress hosting, but also makes it incredibly simple to set up private demo websites so that your clients can see a sneak peek of the design and development work you’ve done
for them.

This is a really eye-catching feature. Additionally, there are a few useful tools that automate and streamline web hosting bills for your clients, making it easier to transfer over websites to them, which web designers and
developers will undoubtedly love.

Pros of using Flywheel

  • 99.95% uptime guarantee backed by SLA
  • Tools for workflow management
  • Modern and user-friendly interface
  • Offers top-notch performance
  • 24/7 live chat support

Cons of using Flywheel

  • Domains are not provided
  • Limited access to the backend

Why We Picked It

It’s understandable why Flywheel is one of the most well-known WordPress managed to host services out there.

They provide a great selection of features for both common WordPress users and businesses.

Not only for WordPress users, but it is also one of the best cloud hosting servers for any type of business.

The vast toolkit that Flywheel offers to freelancers, designers, developers, and businesses is well known.

You should give them serious consideration if you’re seeking for a web host to support the expansion of your web design or development company.

Who It’s For

Flywheel provides an excellent managed hosting service at pricing that are close to being affordable.

Although there are less expensive options available, few can compare to Flywheel in terms of overall service quality.

Flywheel is unquestionably an alternative worth considering if you’re a WordPress user with some spare cash.

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Nexcess Web Hosting: Best Cloud Hosting For Fast Performance

nexcess reinforce lab

Nexcess is known as one of the best cloud hosting solutions for eCommerce websites. Do you know why? let’s find out.

Depending on the eCommerce platform you select, Nexcess offers a range of plans and many amazing features, such as auto-scaling, PCI compliance, SEO tools, and a ton of development tools for total flexibility and customization.

The best parst is you will get all these options without sacrificing the speed.

However, because there are so many integration choices, it is challenging to estimate a precise cost.

Depending on whether you select WordPress, WooCommerce, or Magneto, the price will change.

For example, the price for one site on the WordPress platform starts at $9.50 a month. WooCommers requires the same, but cloud hosting for Magento starts at $49 per month.

They also offer round-the-clock customer service, which is ideal for busy online store entrepreneurs.

Pros of using Nexcess

  • Specializing in managed web hosting
  • Magento association platinum partner
  • 11-time Inc. 5000 honoree
  • Native content delivery network (CDN)
  • Outstanding customer and technical support
  • Exceptional uptime and reliability

Cons of using Nexcess

  • No unmanaged hosting options
  • Sometimes slow to answer for phone support
  • More expensive than standard hosting

Why We Picked It

Nexcess has been in business for well over two decades. But that is not the only reason we picked it. We have selected this for its performance.

Nexcess is providing customers from around the world with excellent managed hosting solutions.

This company is part of the LiquidWeb family of hosting companies, which helps to lend even further credibility to the services it provides.

Though, they’re most commonly used for WordPress-, WooCommerce-, and Magento-based sites.

This is because it specializes in the managed hosting of online stores and other similar platforms, which have grown in popularity through the years.

But you can certainly host any type of website on the Nexcess servers

Who It’s For

Nexcess is a cloud hosting service designed specifically for e-commerce businesses.

They provide integration for Magento, WordPress, and WooCommerce, allowing you to launch sales right away with a faster loading speed.

Nexcess is a clear choice for an eCommerce company with ambitious growth goals when combined with the scalability of cloud hosting.

However, this doesn’t mean you can not host other types of websites; you certainly can.

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A2 Web Hosting: Best for SSD Storage

a2 hosting reinforce lab

A2 web hosting is well known for super-fast hosting in the industry.

Their cloud hosting plans have proven to be just as fast and reliable and the main reason behind this is its SSD storage.

Also, they provide the best customer support 24/7, which is very helpful for beginners.

Another great feature of this hosting is amazing adaptability.

They give a variety of options that you can choose from. You can host as many websites as you want with A2 hosting service.

Depending on the plan, prices start at $5, $10, or $15 each month.

However, depending on how you set up your cloud servers, you only pay for the resources that you really utilize.

cPanel costs an additional $19.95 per month and is not included in the lowest-tier pricing plan.

Pros of using A2 hosting

  • Servers in 3 continents. Asia, Europe, and the US all have four data centers
  • 20–250GB of SSD storage
  • From 512MB to 32GB of RAM
  • One to twelve CPU cores. ranging from 2 to 9 TB
  • There is a Softaculous feature in cPanel that enables 1-click installation of Magento, WordPress, and other applications
  • Tools for boosting speed
  • Access as root
  • Free daily backups

Cons of using A2 hosting

  • Premium-level prices
  • Free domain is not included
  • All the benefits of Turbo plans are hidden

Why We Picked It

A2 web hosting is one of the oldest web hosting provides, But it is still widely popular among business and company owners.

That is why we took A2 web hosting for testing to see the reasons behind its popularity.

A2 web hosting claims that they give 20x faster web hosting service. But is it really work that faster? Yes. in some cases, it actually does.

A2 Hosting offers a number of alternatives, including managed WordPress hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers, with costs that range from somewhat affordable to completely premium.

The most well-liked option among them is shared hosting.

There are undoubtedly several server resources and practical features offered by A2 web hosting. Regarding that, the prices are fair enough.

It uses old cPanel for hosting management which makes it easier to use and function.

Who It’s For

If you need speed, A2 web hosting’s Turbo plans are the real show-stopper.

More precisely, the Turbo Boost plan costs only $5.99 monthly and has the same benefits as Turbo Max.

Simply, anything from a basic website to bigger eCommerce sites may be hosted with ease.

Only the fact that the former is housed on a server with more users makes a difference.

In conclusion, A2 Hosting is more of a premium provider for individuals looking for the greatest hardware for shared hosting.

It has done that. However, you must be prepared to make a considerable upfront cost.

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Inmotion Web Hosting: Best Cloud VPS: Reliable and Scalable

inmotion hosting reinforce lab

InMotion is a very well-known hosting provider for its underrated cloud hosting services out there.

What actually distinguishes them is their level of client service.

InMotion provides round-the-clock support via live chat, phone, help tickets, and a knowledge base with a wealth of resources.

This kind of high-support, all-in-one service is perhaps exactly what you need if you’re a busy business owner who isn’t yet at ease online.

The least expensive package for small businesses with InMotion is normally $59.99 per month.

However, they are now having a deal, so this plan is only $17.99 per month and still comes with free SSLs.

Pros of using InMotion

  • Fast page loading
  • A very stable and reliable host
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • BoldGrid website builder for WordPress
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Automatic backups
  • Free email hosting
  • Has a WordPress optimization option

Cons of using InMotion

  • Servers are located in the US only
  • Higher than average prices
  • Automated backups require an extra charge

Why We Picked It

InMotion is popular for its shared and managed VPS hosting, but it also has plenty to offer in other areas.

Its primary selling point is its customer assistance, which provides round-the-clock live chat and phone support, help tickets, and a thorough knowledge base should you run into any problems.

It also receives high marks for features. You can count on features like root access, unrestricted email accounts and websites, and free domains and backups.

In our experience, the assistance provided is also fairly potent, which is usually beneficial.

Who It’s For

InMotion is a fantastic option for small business owners who need a website, especially if they’re new to the digital world.

InMotion makes it easy for newcomers to scale their resources as their site grows.

they’ll also get a resource monitoring dashboard, free auto backups, rapid provisioning, and full snapshots of their servers.

InMotion offers a free SSL and free cPanel license with all of its cloud business plans.

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Kamatera: Best for Affordable Versatility

Since its beginning in the IT industry in 1995, Kamatera has grown to become a leading global provider of cloud hosting platforms, serving businesses of all sizes.

A full 30-day free trial is one of Kamatera’s most fascinating features, and it is available before you ever spend a dime on its services.

All cloud-based products are eligible for the free trial, which is offered without obligation or contract.

Users of the free trial have full access to Kamatera’s cloud management platform, a personal account manager, and round-the-clock technical assistance.

Even though Kamatera does not provide shared hosting or domain registration services, each server comes with a free automatic SSL certificate.

The pricing for Kamatera is clear-cut. It is a genuine pay-as-you-go system with a monthly minimum of $4 and hourly rates of $0.005.

Pros of using Kamatera

  • High level of flexibility, scalability, and customization
  • Exceptionally high-end hosting is available
  • Operates 13 data centers around the world
  • 30-day free trial with all cloud-based products
  • Highly effective security services
  • Brilliant Customer Support
  • Affordable plans
  • 99.95% uptime guarantee

Cons of using Kamatera

  • Not very user friendly
  • Extra charge for a daily backup

Why We Picked It

The only cloud hosting solution that allows you total control over your cloud hosting at a very low cost is Kamatera.

This includes the ability to choose your IP allocation and who has root access to your servers.

When it comes to scaling resources up or down, Kamatera also provides a great deal of flexibility.

With just one click on your end, components like CPU, RAM, storage space, and even firewalls may be added to or removed from a server in minutes.

Kamatera is excellent if you want a fully customized hosting package, to put it briefly.

Who It’s For

If you want a cloud hosting solution with a lot of flexibility and extreme adaptability at a reasonable price, Kamatera is a great choice.

Additionally, you can thoroughly test it out during the generous 30-day free trial to determine if it is the best provider for your company.

This hosting won’t be the best cloud server for personal use, as it is a premium hosting service provider with a pretty good price.

These cloud web hosting services are made to make your life easier. You can pick any of the cloud hosting solutions from the list according to your need and requirement.

Besides all these cloud website hosting services, there are some companies like amazon who has their own hosting service that amazon web services cloud hosting or AWS.

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DigitalOcean Web Hosting: Best for Pure Cloud Web Hosting

DigitalOcean is a cloud computing specialist and doesn’t provide shared or VPS hosting, unlike other hosting firms.

DigitalOcean is a pure cloud web hosting service focusing hosting provider.

However, It can be challenging to determine what the website performs when you first arrive.

It is obvious that its main goal is to draw web engineers, and the homepage’s minimal design is meant to turn away non-technical users.

You won’t find conventional features like free domain names, free backups, SSL certificates, or even immediate customer assistance because DigitalOcean places a strong emphasis on working with developers.

One benefit of DigitalOcean cloud web hosting service is that you can quickly assess the performance of any of the twelve servers using the speed test tool that is available on the website.

It, in my opinion, demonstrates their loyalty.

Pros of using DigitalOcean

  • Great Uptime of 99.97%
  • Super fast Load Times 279 ms
  • Developer-Friendly Product Ecosystem
  • Customizable Pricing
  • Daily Backups
  • Good Security

Cons of using DigitalOcean

  • Complicated cPanel
  • Limited customer support

Why We Picked It

As your website expands, DigitalOcean provides a network of virtual computers that can scale with you.

Citrix Systems’ CEO Mark Templeton was responsible for the company’s rapid expansion, and it now employs over a million developers across twelve different data centers in 195 different countries.

It gives developers a wide range of options for how to tailor their website.

Additionally, it takes care of the web security of its consumers.

Who It’s For

If you have a small to medium-sized business and know the necessary coding skills.

Alternately, we could state that Digital Ocean is the company for you if you want to create and design a website on your own and you require a BSD or Windows server architecture.

It is a top choice because it has so many amazing host servers, including the rebust server, and strong specifications.

In other words, if you are a developer and comfortable with coding, this cloud hosting solution is perfect for you.

These cloud web hosting services are made to make your life easier. You can pick any of the cloud hosting solutions from the list according to your need and requirement.

Besides all these cloud website hosting services, there are some companies like amazon who has their own hosting service that amazon web services cloud hosting or AWS.

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Cloud Hosting VS Web Hosting

It is very important to know the difference between cloud based web hosting services and web hosting services. Otherwise, you will get confused while choosing the appropriate cloud hosting servers.

cloud website hosting vs web hosting-

Cloud website hosting

If your website is expanding its resources in an endless way, cloud website hosting is wonderful for you.

Additionally, because your website can be transferred to another server if the one hosting it is down, your website will be protected from unreliable servers.

You just pay for the services you really use, and the pricing is customizable.

So, if a month is particularly busy, you can scale up your resources right away.

If the amount of visitors to your website fluctuates, you need a host who will cooperate with you.

cloud web hosting providers could meet your demands if a shared host is insufficient, but the server resources offered by a dedicated or managed host are excessive.

Web Hosting

The phrase “web hosting” refers to the location and method of hosting documents from your website.

Essentially every file on your website is hosted by your web host. There are several files on a host that make up your website.

When a user enters in your domain name, the browser downloads those files from your web host and displays them.

With typical web hosting, all of your website’s files are kept on a single server.

Your server environment will depend on the size of your website, the volume of traffic it receives, and your level of technical expertise.

Wrapping up – 10 Best Cloud Web Hosting Services 2022

So, that was the ending of my today’s blog about cloud web hosting services.

Hope you have got all your answers about cloud website hosting, cloud hosting servers and cloud hosting solutions.

I have tried to make the list with the best cloud hosting servers so that you can pick any of them. They all are very good at their services.

So, stop worrying and go for the cloud website hosting service that suites your company and services the most.


What is cloud web hosting?

Cloud website hosting is a web host that uses the resources of several clustered servers to host a website.

Which cloud is best for web hosting?

I have created a list of the 13 best cloud website hosting in my blog. They all are very good at their services. But you have to choose the right cloud hosting servers among them according to your business need.

Which is best free cloud hosting?

There is no such thing as free cloud website hosting. You can certainly get some specific free offers. For knowing more detail, you can check my blog above.

Can you host a website on a cloud server?

Yes. Off course. I can host a website on a cloud website hosting server. You can check my blog for the best cloud hosting solutions.

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