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Having creative ideas for personal website content can go a long way to progressing your career, as a website is more unique than a CV or resume.

Whether you are hunting for work, trying to run a business, or selling a product, a website of your own can provide you with a healthy online presence and more credibility.

Anyone can open a page on a social media platform or business/employment platforms that are readily available. 

However, having your own website would clearly indicate you are more serious. 

So with all the business and industry websites around us, let’s get to know about – 


What is Personal Website?


A personal website is a website created to showcase an individual’s work and persona.

Unlike the majority of internet web pages, it does not pertain to any particular corporation, institution, or organization.

You can denote it as a group of web pages where only your personal features, works, achievements, and contact information will be there.


Additionally, it also lets you showcase your work in your own creative structure.

WorkItDaily states that nearly 56% of employers and recruiters are more impressed by an individual’s personal website.

On the other hand, according to Forbes, only 7% of the general population has a personal website. For millennials, the percentage is 15%. 

Of course, the percentages have increased by today.

Nonetheless, it clearly indicates that a personal website can give you a great chance to stand out from the crowd.

Having a personal website might sound difficult at first, however, once you get the hang of it, it is pretty straightforward.

Furthermore, when you develop some personal website content ideas and implement them in a well-planned way, it creates a beautiful online presence for you.

To implement that more effectively, you can look into some simple personal website examples for ideas.

You will be able to see how creatively people have already managed to showcase their personal features.

Usually, you will find many colorful and vibrant features in their web content design.

Moreover, if you are more serious about your work and focusing on a professional presence, you can look into some professional personal website examples. 

Checking these out will give you a more in-depth idea about web content personalization in a more professional manner.

At the end of the day, you want to create a healthy online presence and attract people who are more aligned or appreciative of your work.

Your personal website design and personal website content allow you to do just that.

It is a great source of personal branding.

With those in mind, we are here to provide you with some amazing ideas for personal website content.


Ideas for Personal Website Content


The more decorated, organized, and personalized your personal website content is, the more attractive it would feel.

You will even feel good about yourself when your own website will be full of quality content.

So, with a focus on web content personalization, here are the sections and content you must have inside your personal website for proper optimization.



Your website homepage should greet people according to your persona and profession.

Decorate your homepage with your signature style, font, and colors. 

If your homepage layout is strong, so will your website.

Personal websites do not need a lot of links and sub-links.

We will explain more about which sections and pages will add more to your website.

However, make it so that your homepage itself will catch the eyes of the hiring managers.

Add attractive feature photos of you or content related to you.

You can also include an image of your workstation if you make it visually organized and pleasing. Look out for the color scheme.

Choosing an aesthetically pleasing color scheme for your website will highly appeal to the visual memory of your potential clients.

Include your elevator pitch statement on your homepage.

It means mentioning your passion, profession, and goal in your own way.

On your homepage, do it as shortly and impactfully as possible.

This done effectively, will lead your visitors interested to learn more about you.

Needless to say, your homepage is the most integral part of your personal website design.

It will define the template of your website and lead site visitors to more of your personalized website content.


About Page


Having a crafty, short and sweet about page will give people just what they need. An idea of you and your work.

Often times it would be the home page or landing page of your website, so make a good first impression.

Don’t make the mistake of making your about page too long.

It may have worked in the early stages on the internet. 

In today’s day and age, just having a short greeting, having a bit of personal touch, and showcasing your work and background would be enough.

Just feature these:

  • What do you work on
  • Your educational/professional background
  • A mentionable work achievement
  • Your latest project and current passion

All these pieces of information can make your About Page good to go.

This page is another sector where you are endorsing your elevator pitch.

So make your passion and profession known to your site visitors.

Let them know what you are looking for and aiming for. All these can make your about page much stronger.


Contact Info


So now that people know about you, where can they contact you, or how can they hire you?

It is essential to let people connect with you and contact you. In that regard, attach your email and contact number if you feel comfortable.

Link your social or professional profiles as required.

It is a good idea to attach appropriate icons with the contacts.

This makes the contact content look more familiar, professional, and attractive.

A great piece of content you can create for your website is, you can create a contact form on your website.

People can leave text messages directly there, or if they have any inquiries.

It is always best to let people choose multiple options to contact you.

Whether they want to email you, text you, or contact you directly, they should have the option. 

So craft your contact information content section accordingly.




Your portfolio will need to feature your best work samples. This gives your viewer a hands-on experience of your work.

Visual content creator like graphic designers or photo/video editors can make their best impression in this sector.

So if you are a graphic designer or editor, do not forget to put in your best work here to showcase the world.

If you are a content writer or web developer, you can link your best articles and web pages here.

If you send your personal website to your possible employers, this is where they would focus most.

So it is very necessary to make your personal website’s portfolio section well-crafted and organized.




Forwarding a regular resume through email or hand-to-hand has become a common experience nowadays.

However, if you pass your personal website to your potential client or employer, it definitely creates a different experience when they see your resume will put on your website.

You can take help from resume websites.

From there, you can easily form and share your resume using proper templates.

Make sure these sections are clearly visible in your resume:

  • Your education/ qualifications
  • Your skillsets and expertise
  • Your work experiences
  • Your notable achievements

These pieces of content are very necessary for your resume which adds to your personal site too.

Usually, you would add specific changes to your resume according to the need of the job you are applying for.

Since on your website, anyone from any sector can visit your resume, you can make your resume a bit more elaborate.

Try to include all your noteworthy educational and professional qualifications in your resume so that it can seem multipurpose and cover multiple grounds.


Professional Blogs


Blogs should be definitely included in your personal website content ideas.

Blogs contain a lot of useful information, and if presented well, also generate a lot of traffic.

So whether you write your own article, or feature some blog articles related to your profession, it would surely enrich your personal website and make it look well-established.

Link your WordPress with your personal website.

Learn how to function and operate WordPress well.

Through that, you will easily be able to process, update, write, and re-write articles to your liking.

People regularly visit blogs for updates, tips, information, and fun.

So when you have well-crafted, relevant, and engaging blogs on your website, your personal website quality and viewership will automatically skyrocket.

People often comment in blog comment sections. Look after those.

Interact with them, and you will also find possible new ideas for newer content.




Positive word of mouth is always a plus for any personal or business venture. 

When clients or employers will check your website and see authentic reviews and words from people who have worked with you, or people you have worked for, it is sure to create a positive impact.

Beyond what you write about yourself, if people agree that you have a strong work ethic, you are skilled and expert in your sector, and all the related adjectives relevant to your sector, it can give you increased credibility.

To garner authentic testimonials, you can ask your formal clients and or employers to mention a brief comment about yourself and how helpful your work or skillset has been.

If they struggle to write properly, use a formal LinkedIn comment that goes with you and ask for their approval or modification.

All in all, testimonials are surely very useful among your ideas for personal website content.


Case Studies


Case studies analyze the reports of your products or services in a more detailed manner than testimonials.

So these can be even more effective than mere reviews. 

Case studies can make your website and personal profile even more credible and influence your site visitors for working with you.

It is kind of a social proof that eliminates any of your hiring managers’ doubt or trust issues.

In conclusion, case studies can be pretty effective.


What type of Content to Avoid for A Personal Website?


It is to be mentioned that while you already have some idea about what to do and not to do, it is good to be reminded so that you are aware.

Pay close attention to these points-

  • Make your about page too lengthy and uneventful
  • Don’t overwhelm your viewer or site visitors with too many collections of your work and history details. Keep some things to yourself, and focus on featuring the best ones.
  • Avoid mentioning social media platforms that are unrelated to your work and profession. 
  • Do not post images that are low in resolution, or stolen from stock photos.
  • Do not post blogs that are poorly researched or misleading.
  • Do not be inconsistent with your blog posts. Regularly updating them would make your website seem more active and fresh.
  • Do not post vague testimonials which might be full of mistakes and overly flattering. Make sure they are written accordingly with approval. Keep them work-specific and simple.
  • If you feel like you can not write updated, thought-provoking blogs free of many mistakes, it is better to avoid them. In case if a visitor comes to your site and witnesses your last post was two years ago, they can automatically assume that your website is outdated.


Wrapping Up – Ideas for Personal Website Content


It can understandably seem hard to establish a personal website at first. However, with these ideas for personal website content, you will start to feel more confident about what you can post.

The world is open to you on the internet, and through your personal website, you can connect and engage more people than ever before. 

So utilize these personal website content ideas, and make your progress come to you.


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