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Food copywriting is a really fun gig for modern times. Observing some of the best examples of great food copywriting can help you stay ahead.

Ever since there has been marketing for food, copywriting has played a major part in making a good food product great, and a great food product incredible.

So this article is to help you find some best food copywriting and food marketing copywriting examples.

Food copywriting entails a large and versatile section of food marketing. People eat not just to live, but to be delighted as well.

So food writing or examples of food copywriting is everywhere.

From menu description examples to food description examples, food copywriting can be seen all around us.

We also witness written food advertisement examples on many of our social media platforms and webpages.

These are responsible for a lot of traffic in online cutlery services or rise of customers in popular restaurants.

With that explained, let us dive deep into what food copywriting truly is.


What is Food Copywriting?


Food copywriting is basically writing about food, but in a commercial form for marketing purposes.

As copywriting means writing for advertisements to generate sales, food copywriting does the same for food.

It is basically food writing or food content writing. What you like about food is possibly what maximum people who have an appetite like as well. 

In terms of modern writing gigs, food writing or food copywriting has a universal appeal, if done right.

Getting paid to enjoy food and reviewing it, what could be better if you are a food lover, right?

With that in mind, you can surely look into a few tips and tricks that would make you the best food copywriter people would be pleased to hire.

Food copywriting can be done with a lot of creativity and precision.

Whether your targeted business is totally based on online catering, or a physical place like a restaurant, or café, your conscious and intuitive writing can take it to another level.

So, you can use some good food copywriting examples for reference.

Here are some of the best examples of great food copywriting for your consideration.


Best Examples of Great Food Copywriting


The best examples of great food copywriting can be found lying around our roads or the websites where we roam.

It is there in every witty food advertisement writings to every slogan created by popular food brands.

So how do these restaurants, brands, pages, or websites keep up these great examples of copywriting samples every week or month or so?

Let us point out some of the key factors and practices to generate effective food copywriting.


1. Descriptive Keywords for your target audience


First of all, your writing should definitely appeal to the readers’ five senses.

Start by pointing out the name of the dish or restaurant you are writing about. 

Make sure you use the long tail keyword for it, as it already paints a description in the readers’ minds.

As a food reviewer or food copywriter, you must already have an idea about what vocabularies create what kind of images.

You must appeal to the visual, olfactory, and gustatory senses while writing about your food.

Of course, most of the times, the name of the item or recipe itself can appeal to these senses.

However, you should not miss the opportunity to put your own spin and own two cents on the description of the items in your website details or menu details.


2. Use of Numbers


Numbers in your written copy drive your points across more impactfully and immediately.

Additionally, numbers are eye-catchy. On a page full of texts, numbers catch the most immediate attention.

Streamline your food copywriting with numbered bullet points where you can.

You can number the ingredients in order of use or importance for your copywriting.

Otherwise if you want to overview the appetizing cooking process, you can describe it through numbered bullet points to further titillate your audience as they wait to grab hold of the food and put it in their watered mouth.


3. Less Is More


In terms of descriptions, less is more. Do not think about writing full-sentence descriptions everywhere. Play with your consumers’ imagination.

Shortly let your audience know where your food comes from in your menu description.

Visualize the beginnings, and let your customer visualize the end as they savor the taste of the food you are going to promote.


4. Use Humor


Using lighthearted writing is always a plus for you as a food copywriter.

It gives off the sense that you know how to tickle the sense of humor of your audience.

Of course be discrete in describing the taste, smell, and texture of the food.

However, also play around with words when you can. Use alliterations, rhythms, and rhymes to enrich the flow of your copy writing.

For example, if you write “Munch More with Meaty Monster!” as ad copywriting for one of your meaty burger item, you can say it is quite catchy and has good use of alliterations, using M’s at the beginning of consecutive words.

This is just an example of rhythmic catchiness you can include in your copywriting.

There are tons of humorous food copywriting examples out there. We will wait to see what your funny bones come up with!


5. Be Conversational


Everyone eats food, and almost everyone has an opinion about it.

Whether which dish is great, which ambiance they like, or which type of recipe they prefer, you can give your audience a chance to interact.

Most importantly, it will give your audience a notion of customization.

They will obviously feel like they are being heard and valued.

You can do it powerfully through your copywriting.

Now you move on to your product description, which is your food, or restaurant.

Based on whether you are writing to review a restaurant, food products, or food brands, your copywriting examples will be a bit different.

Let us talk about restaurant copywriting examples first.


6. Copywriting for Restaurants


There are a lot of restaurant review websites you can follow who are masters at appetizing potential customers.

Some customers might be looking for exquisite delicacies. Some might be looking for a proper place to satiate their hunger where the price is cheaper and affordable.

Regardless, you can notice all of these subsections will consist of great food photography and proper food and menu descriptions.  

In some short key points, you can appeal to your audience’s taste buds.

If you are copywriting for restaurants, you should definitely share how the restaurant came to be in short.

The reason behind its naming, why the place was chosen, and how the lighting, decoration, and ambiance fit the place are all things to consider. 

If your place is a café, coffee shop, or a street-side restaurant, the answer to how you should do your food copywriting will differ accordingly.

And if you are writing for a coffee shop, you should look at a few coffee copywriting examples.

Coffee is associated with relaxation, calm and quiet. So your food copywriting should be appropriate with the ambiance.

If your operation is a street-side hot vendor, it is possible that customers are looking for a quick, hot, fresh, and tasty meal from you.

In that case, your copywriting can focus on words like “hot”, “fresh”, “spicy”, “juicy”, “mouth-watering”, and stuff like that.

So based on all the food content writing examples, you can understand how the copywriting changes with your restaurant type and food type.

Now let us look at some copywriting examples for food.


7. Copywriting examples for food


In the case of food items, you should definitely appeal to the customers’ three core senses of appetite.

Of course, visual comes first when you are watching the food for the first time, whether face to face, or through menu images.

However, in written format, taste comes first. Then comes smell.

Afterward, the looks or decorations of a meal make it that much more delicious.

These three core senses are a must to touch upon in any kind of food copywriting.

For example, you can simply look at KFC’s food copywriting.

At the end of all their ads, they have their slogan “It’s finger-lickin’ good”, which directly works towards appealing to the taste buds of their customers.

It is a great example of food copywriting as well as food brand copywriting.

In addition, you can look at how Kellogg’s promotes their Special K Breakfast Shake.

The focus of the ad is how certain ingredients of food or a drink can help make you feel good. 

They advertise by mentioning that their shake contains the essence of lemons, which is full of antioxidants.

This can leave a refreshing tone to an audience.

Apart from that, you can appeal to the sense of touch or satisfying sound of bite to your target audience.

Whether it is about how smooth your burger’s bun is, or how good a munch, crunch, or crisp sound your food creates, it is sure to leave an impression.

Of course, keep in mind to showcase some amazing food photography for your brand or restaurant.


According to Kissmetrics, Facebook posts with photos earn 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more click-throughs.


Examples of fresh food through well-shot, high-quality images and well-written, creative, and fresh copywriting can definitely take your food copywriting to a whole new level.

Let us look at some more amazing copywriting examples for your food website and social media.

8. Copywriting Examples for Website


Food websites really can use as little reading as possible so that there is less room for delay for a consumer and their dinner.

So, food websites need a good interface, minimal, but strong and powerful keywords, and direct links connecting all of their pages.

To ensure credibility, it is recommended to have some great about us page content samples for the food website.

It simply means when you check the about us page for established quality food websites, you will find out they have enriched content with both graphics and copywriting.

Also, as we have already mentioned about keyphrases, have more research on them.

It will give you ideas about what is most looked for and searched for in search engines.

As a result, your website’s ranking will be up to the mark as your copywriting content will be SEO optimized.

The color scheme of the website, the UI, the photos used, and the text emphasized, all will play a great role to improve a food website’s user experience.

However, never forget to highlight the range of your services neatly in your about us page content.

As a result, your website’s copywriting will surely catch your consumer’s eyes and memory.


9. Copywriting Examples for Social Media


A massive portion of the market is derived from social media publicity nowadays. 

Whether you have capitalized on a trendy topic or made some clever wordplay through your copywriting, the foodies sure create a buzz around it.

The practice of posting well-crafted food and beverage photos with clever or light-hearted and witty wordplay goes well with social media audiences.

So it is a great example to capitalize on if you are a food and beverage copywriter.

Now you can ask, what other types of content can I have for my website or social media?

Let us talk about brand storytelling with that in mind.


10. Brand storytelling


Another powerful form of content writing is telling your brand’s story.

For example, Peppersmith chewing gum brand has a neat comic on their website which demonstrates how their product is made from conception to execution.

This makes them stand out from other food brands of their kind in a big way.


11. Food Storytelling


Making the story behind your food appealing is that much important as making it appetizing.

So never forget to tell how the recipe of your food item came to be.

Does the ingredient come from an unfamiliar place?

Is there a family lineage behind it?

Even if the food is common, does the tradition come from long ago?

All of this info can be powerful and strong selling points. 

Serving these pieces of information in small bits will make your food, restaurant & website that much more valuable to your potential customers. 

So never underestimate story and presentation for a powerful presence and longevity.


12. Keep up-to-date with new trends, techniques, and recipes


All great writings are inspired by many places.

So if you want to be a great food copywriter, make sure you know what is happening around you.

Whether it is your neighborhood, locality, nation, or international, trendy topics can give you an endless stream of content you can capitalize on for your food content writing or copywriting.


Wrapping Up – Best Examples of Great Food Copywriting


With all the aforementioned copywriting writing examples, you must have a better idea now about how food copywriting can be done better.

A quick reminder about what you have learned from the copy write examples mentioned before, you must be creative, intuitive, world-weary, and appealing to the five senses.

Make your food copywriting conversational.

Ask for your consumer’s opinions through your food writing.

Through comments or shares, they will let you know online.

Be light-hearted and humorous with your creative content.

It will garner more reactions and shares which will be effective marketing through your food copywriting.

Use wordplays and alliterations where you can. Those are always fun.

Moreover, use numbers in your writing effectively.

Numbers can grab attention, strengthen your copy, and drive your point across more impactfully and immediately.

In addition, do not forget about the keywords. Use long-tail descriptive keywords to appeal to your consumer’s needs and stay ahead of search engines.

 All these are the core and best examples of great food copywriting.

It is important to have a continuous stream of content ideas for food copywriter.

Hold on to these as these are observed and needed in nearly all written food advertisement examples.

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