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Every marketer looks for amazing content promotion ideas to amplify their brand value.

Let some creative content ideas be your brand’s voice. 

In every branding phase, content promotion is the most crucial step that cannot be missed under any circumstance.

Only well-developed and unique content strategies can make way to boost your brand visibility, faster and more effectively. 

It is the dream of every marketer to expand his brand awareness in a way that people can cherish for its uniqueness. 

To achieve that goal, you need the right content to promote your business on the right content promotion platforms.

Content promotion allows your brand to get more exposure and increase sales for your business.

In this blog, we are going to discuss different promotional content ideas that you can use to expand your brand recognition.


Why Is Content Promotion Important?


Content promotion is part of your branding tactics through which you can generate traffic, boosts ROI, and increase conversions for your business.

It is an integral part of your brand development.

There are multiple forms of content promotion platforms you can use to establish your brand.

You must choose a content promotion strategy that will best serve your target audience.

Also you can choose either a free or paid marketing channel to promote your business.  

If you do content promotion on a regular basis then it will eventually increase brand recognition.

Content promotion is necessary for your brand to stay in the competition and build a strong presence of its own.

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20 Best Content Promotion Ideas to Increase Your Brand Value


You need to explore as many promotional content ideas as possible to increase your brand value.

It is important to have some solid platforms or methods through which you can showcase your brand and promote it effectively.

Here are the 20 best content promotion ideas you can use to increase your brand visibility –


1. Social Media Marketing for Content Promotion


Today, we have got a number of social networking sites to promote content for your business.

Building relationships on multiple content promotion platforms is important to increase your brand value.

If people don’t get familiar with your brand then there is little chance for you to survive this competition.

Thus, the more you expand your content marketing on social media channels, your brand visibility will grow better. 

All you need to do is, gradually increase your brand presence with your marketing efforts.

Your focus should be to maintain a meaningful relationship with your target audience through effective brand promotion.

What are content promotion strategies?

Here are some effective content promotion strategies to boost your promotional content on social media —

  • Sharing unique & engaging posts on various social channels regularly 
  • Utilize some popular social content promotion tools to get the best outcome 
  • Make your content 100% SEO-optimized to extend its reach on various social networking sites
  • Bring the influencer marketing impact on your content promotion  
  • Use your industry-based curated content to attract potential leads
  • Get involved in niche-related social media communities or groups 
  • Increase brand awareness through engaging Facebook Ads, informative blog posts, and writing guest posts.
  • Getting into sponsorships is considered another great content promotion strategy
  • Sales promotions for your brand
  • Digital marketing on multiple social platforms
  • Try implementing new promotional content ideas


2. Use Paid Social Ads to Promote Content 


Paid ads are great to extend your reach. 

It is one effective content promotion strategy you can try to generate leads.

Sometimes, the organic ways are not enough to gain many loyal followers. 

If you want to win more leads through your content then it’s worth investing in paid social ads. 

Most social media channels now have options for extensive targeting opportunities to let your brand grow.

This definitely will allow you to reach your specific target groups. 

Importantly, your paid ad campaigns must include engaging content to make it share-worthy. 

Time and time again, it is proven that paid advertising is one of the most beneficial content promotion ideas. 

Most effective digital content promotion platforms for advertising –

Facebook Ads


3. Promotional Facebook Live Events Can Make A Difference


Facebook is the most beneficial content promotion strategy you can utilize to increase your brand value.

It is one great platform for implementing your content promotion ideas.

If you are wondering how to promote content effectively, then choose a Facebook live event for your content promotion.

Facebook live events can create the most engagement with high view rates. 

Social media campaigns provide a wonderful opportunity for any brand to increase its conversion rates & potential leads.

Highlighting a Facebook event creates enough buzz around your brand. 

Starting from product marketing, generating leads, executing online campaigns, and increasing brand awareness, a Facebook event can do it all. 

Ways to promote content on Facebook include—

  • Generating leads with Facebook Ads
  • Sharing creative & unique posts with hashtags 
  • Market your brand to niche-related social groups or communities
  • Interactive conferences with Q&A sessions 
  • Ask them to sign up for newsletters & other alternative social platforms
  • Post your promotional content when social engagement is at its peak
  • It is necessary to add a Facebook call to action button (CTA) 
  • Add business links to expand brand awareness
  • Make use of the Custom Audience feature
  • Every social media posting should be boosted to gain maximum reach
  • Use catchy headlines.
  • Include attractive images.
  • Write brilliant Ad copies.
  • Create A/B tests 
  • Encourage them to query about your services on Facebook Messenger or via website e-mail.


4. Do Content Curation for Content Promotion of Your Brand


Curated content is a type of content that you extract from other brands and then modify that content to fit into your brand niche, for promotional purposes.

Content curation is another content promotion strategy that can ensure great promotional benefits for you.

If you are running out of promotional content ideas, then you must try the content curation method.

Usually, curated content is used to fit the needs of your target audience.

You take the existing content from other sources and then develop a new piece of content out of it to promote your business.

Marketing such content on your business sites can increase your brand value. 

Sharing relevant blog links to your blog post can be a good example of content curation.

Using industry-based information from other brands to promote your business, can be another example of content curation.

You can curate content from multiple sources that can best serve your audience–

  • E-mail newsletters,
  • Various social media platforms 
  • Relevant hashtags  
  • SEO target keywords
  • Use Google Alerts to search for relevant content for brand promotion


5. Write Blog Posts on Industry-relevant Trending Topics


Blogging is another content promotion strategy you can try for branding.

Another smart way to promote your content is by writing blog posts on industry-relevant trending topics.

It is wise to choose the popular ones that are currently dominating the SEO rankings on Google.

You can track down all your industry-related trending topics one by one through newspapers, industry press releases, trade publications, and Google Trends.

Choose the most ranked topics that are creating a buzz on the internet most recently.

Start writing blog posts on those topics and optimize them to increase your brand visibility.

Create catchy blog titles to make a great impression on your audience. 

Share and promote the most popular blogs on multiple social sites to engage your targets.

Make your blog posts look more appealing by adding —-

  • captivating creative visuals,
  • promotional videos,
  • memes,
  • infographics,
  • or product demo videos

Using all these, you can amplify your content marketing efforts. This eventually will strengthen your brand value.  

It’s a great idea to put CTA near the introduction section of your blog, as this significantly helps to generate more leads. 

You can follow some strategies by that you can follow to promote your blogs.

Know How To Promote Blog Content For Branding

  1. Repurpose your old content to build engagement
  2. Add valuable links to your site 
  3. Include a UTM link to track marketing campaigns
  4. Increase social sharing about your blog posts on multiple sites 
  5. Share your content on Quora 
  6. Discuss your blog content on Reddit 
  7. Reach out to influencers for promotion
  8. Team up with other bloggers for brand exposure
  9. Encourage readers via e-mail newsletters.
  10. Do intensive SEO optimization to increase the rank of your blogs
  11. Extend promotion to other social networks.


6. Be Creative in Generating Promotional Ideas 


Some of your creative imagination can help boost your promotional efforts.

Social media is such a place where any content becomes viral overnight if it is unique and highly engaging.

However, creativity comes with many risks as well.

You should never stop experimenting with different promotional content ideas.

It is a good way to know what best suits your brand.

Creativity comes with its own possible pros & cons, despite all odds, marketers love to experiment with new promotional ideas & concepts.

As you start experimenting with more content promotion ideas, your brand will gradually get better recognition.

The more creatively engaging your content becomes, the better it does to generate great revenues from those content.

Some other creative promotional ideas that can enhance your brand value—

  • Add trendy memes while highlighting your brand
  • Advertise your products by linking with the most trending content where appropriate.
  • Try nostalgic marketing with your brand on popular past themes, to get an emotional response from the audience 
  • Offer some service advantage to your customers in exchange for ratings & reviews 
  • Create a unique story highlighting your brand on TikTok
  • You can offer lucrative deals by hosting a fun quiz contest 
  • Sharing your thoughts on the industry-based latest news on social platforms while tagging your brand links 


7. SEO Optimize Your Promotional Content with the Right Target Keywords


Keywords for your content need to be thoroughly researched to identify the most relevant keywords needed for SEO optimization.

As social media algorithms keep updating from time to time, now every single brand wants their content SEO optimized to stay on top of search rankings. 

In today’s time, without applying the best keyword research techniques in branding, your brand can’t survive the huge competition.

SEMRUSH, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Tool & Ubersuggest are some of the best keyword research tools we have today.

These are the most effective tools you can use to boost the SEO ranking for your content.

Make sure your chosen keywords have high clickthrough rates and organic search rates with high percentages.

Also, never forget to optimize your images with the targeted keywords, as it helps to boost SEO optimization for your content.

The SEO strategy applied to your content will help spread brand visibility, and in turn, it will bring lead-generation opportunities for you. 


8. Make Use of Industry Relevant Content Communities


Sharing posts to communities where they share your target niche brings more engagement from your targets. 

Certain communities like Medium, Mashable, and Growth Hackers provide excellent opportunities for reaching more leads.

These sources are even inspiring enough to let you explore more new content promotion ideas.

If you share your content on targeted niche sites, you will find a good chance to build backlinks.

This means finding more leads for your business.

People who are interested in your industry can easily find you through such groups.

On the other hand, if you comment and share with others relevant content then it can drive good traffic.


9. Adding Internal Links Can Help to Boost the Promotion


Writing for your niche-related topics is not enough for your brand to grow.

It is recommended to add more relevant links to your content before publishing.

However, if it is not promoted to your audiences in the right manner then you may fall behind.

Moreover, your potential leads can find you through such links.

In this way, engagement around your brand will increase and traffic will be boosted.

Internal links create an opportunity to build a strong bond between your audience and your brand.


10. Promote Content On Instagram


Have you thought of Instagram to implement your promotional content ideas?

If you haven’t done that yet, then you are missing a big opportunity!

Instagram can ensure long-term benefits for promoting your content.

It is one of the great content promotion platforms to reach a larger audience in a short time. 

Also, you can find insights into how well your promoted content is performing and who are your potential prospects.

Among so many other content promotion ideas, promoting your content on Instagram will be highly beneficial for your business.

Instagram influencers who have more than 10,000 followers are making $88.00 per post on an average scale. 

To increase Instagram followers for your brand then you must think of optimizing your Instagram account.

Create content your audience would like told enjoy and showcase it through promotion.

You can collaborate with other partners to help promote your content. 

It is beneficial to use the Instagram Paid Promotion option to gain more followers. 

Hashtags help to extend your reach.

Use popular hashtags in all your Instagram post captions. 


11. Use Quuu Promote for Branding


Quuu Promote is a type of content marketing tool that you can use to promote your content on social media.

It is as effective as other content promotion platforms for marketing your brand and increasing brand visibility. 

Quuu Promote doesn’t have any installed systematic bot to promote your content automatically.

Instead, real people like us use this tool to share & promote content with others. 

So far, users worldwide have used Quuu Promote to share over 45 million promotions on multiple social media platforms. 

Well-established companies like HubSpot and Inc & Entrepreneur recommend using  Quuu Promote for promotional purposes.

Top influencer like Neil Patel has already shared good reviews about this amazing platform.

Not only does this platform boosts website traffic for your website, but it also promotes your content to the right audience.

This tool can get your content as maximum exposure as possible and increase your reach as a marketer.


12. Remarketing Old Content for Gaining More Conversions


Facebook remarketing is one great strategy that most marketers can use to gain back lost traffic.

It is an effective promotional method through which you can gain more conversions.

Pick the best-ranked content from your website. 

Then update and optimize it strategically for your audience to have a better user experience.

Recycle your old content into fresh new updated ones by adding supporting subtopics, and formatting them for your audience.

Retarget your audience for a call to action.

This promotional strategy has the potential to increase your conversions.

Remarketing can help bring back lost audiences.

A promotional technique like this makes a huge difference in marketing your brand.

Hence, you must also consider remarketing to implement your promotional content ideas.

13. Customer Referral Marketing


Referral marketing is another effective promotional strategy you can use to win more leads for your business.

Customers coming through referral links are mostly influenced to buy your services from the good reviews shared by other customers. 

Testimonials showing good user experience play a major role in increasing conversion rates for your business.

Your customers need to be impressed by your service to spread good word-of-mouth about your brand to others. 

Your prospects can then decide to use customer referral links to try out your services with a lot of expectations.

Referral marketing is great to generate organic leads for your business.


14. Video Content Marketing Impacts ROI & Convention Rates


A recent analysis shows, 90% of customers agreed that engaging marketing videos from brands have a great impact on their buying decisions.

Search rankings for any website improve drastically by 53 times if you just add attractively engaging videos.

Successful video marketing has the potential to convert your visitors into leads. 

It tends to positively enhance user experience and is proven to have generated most buying decisions from leads.

Captivating & informative videos perform well in creating high engagement with your audiences rather than image ads.

This promotional marketing strategy, in turn, helps boost your overall business ROI.

Indeed, it is one of the most amazing content promotion platforms we have today.


15. Optimize Your Ad Campaign for Mobile Versions


According to sources,

More than 50% of buyers use phones to make purchases for any service. The percentage is getting higher with time.

People these days constantly check on their phones for new stories and updates.

If your ad campaigns are optimized into mobile-friendly versions, then you are most likely to gain better organic reach.

This too can bring two times more lead conversions.

Smartphone & iPhone users scroll through Facebook fast.

You need to optimize your ads, especially for phone users, to make sure you are capturing their attention.


16. Guest Posting for Content Promotion


Guest posting is one of the smart content promotion platforms you can consider to increase brand recognition.

It ensures high-quality backlinks that can help your content to rank on top of search results.

These links can drastically improve your search engine ranking and bring more audience to your website.

Creating guest content for other sites helps drive traffic for your site as well.

The SEO ranking for your site also improves.

Guest posting helps build authority for your site.

The more quality backlinks you add to your website, the better your will ranking on search engines.

On a whole, guest posting is considered one of the most effective promotional content ideas.


17. User-generated Content for Productive Marketing


If you are thinking about promoting your brand, then go for user-generated content.

It is usually the unsponsored ones that people share on multiple social platforms.

User-generated content can be review-based content that people share with others when they have a great experience with a specific product. 

If you share an exciting post on Facebook about the good experience you had in a resort, then you can call it user-generated content.

Customers tend to believe in genuine reviews shared by others and then make a purchasing decision.

According to reports, user-generated content (UGC) that features a particular brand can drive higher engagement, compared to brand-generated content. 

You can promote your brand via UGC, as it helps to boost social media reach and ensure rapid growth for your brand.


18. Reach Out to Influencers for Content Promotion


Influencers definitely have a certain impact on general people.

The popularity of an influencer helps to expand your brand awareness.

It is one of those effective content promotion platforms where you get to reap the most benefits.

Influencer marketing is great for building trust between a brand and its customers.

This is a type of content promotion strategy that creates a good impact on your brand advertisement.

It ensures faster growth of your brand and is capable of building high engagement around your brand.

This is one of those effective promotional content ideas you can choose for marketing your brand.


19. E-mail Marketing for Promotional Content Ideas  


Are you running out of promotion content ideas? 

Then choose the e-mail marketing technique for your brand promotion.

Your e-mail is one of the legit content promotion platforms, where you can expect to see fruitful results. 

E-mail advertising lets you communicate directly with your potential prospects and customers for brand promotion.

It helps you to maintain meaningful relationships with your customers in the long run.

Be specific about what you want to offer. Just don’t make it lengthy and boring to read.

It is important to prepare your promotional e-mail marketing content in an engaging manner. 

Indeed, it is a good platform to implement your promotional content ideas.


20.  Make Your Content Convenient for Your Audience to Reach


Make it easy for your visitors to reach for your content.

When it comes to content promotion, your audience must have enough convenience to reach for your brand.

You can strategically add social media buttons to your content.

This will help your audience to share your content fast with others.

You can also share popular or memorable quotes from your content to build engagement.

It can also be a piece of curated content that has elements to move your audience emotionally.

In that case, your content will get the most engagement and will be shared multiple times by your visitors. 


Wrapping Up – 20 Best Content Promotion Ideas to Increase Your Brand Value 


Content promotion is deeply related to brand value.  

You need a great content promotion strategy to build trust for your brand.

The more you escalate your promotional efforts, your brand visibility starts to get better. 

There are several social media marketing channels out there helping companies to reap promotional benefits.

Being a marketer, your job is to experiment with each and every promotional medium to see what best fits your brand’s needs. 

Most importantly, you need great content promotion ideas to survive the market competition in the long run.

So far, we have discussed some of the popular ways to promote your business on social media.

These platforms are proven to be great in terms of engaging targets and generating new leads for any business. 

Your brand value will increase with time, but the thing is, you need to keep up with your promotional efforts.

Your promotional success rate will highly depend on how well you have managed to extend your reach to the target audiences.

It takes time and dedication for any brand to make a strong mark in the competition.

If your content promotion strategy is not up to any good standard then your brand will fall behind.

The more you experiment with different content promotion techniques, your brand visibility will get better with time. 

Keep experimenting and expanding your promotional efforts through different promotional ideas.


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