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The vast world of digital marketing is constantly evolving and dedicated efforts are necessary to stay up to date on all of the latest trends and required skill sets.

Whether you are a company competing in the online space or a digital marketing agency, digital marketing is an essential part of your marketing strategy or services.

The right professional can significantly impact your success.

Without the right people you can be easily surpassed by your competitors, and many companies lack sufficient internal resources to find employees who know how to create and present a strong digital presence.

It is not only about recruiting for jobs, but helping companies find the best people who can build successful digital marketing careers.

Before we explore the different recruitment marketing ideas, let’s understand some of the basic terms related to this topic.


Recruitment marketing


Recruitment marketing is the combination of strategies and tools used by an organization to engage and entice job candidates in the pre-applicant phase of recruiting.

It aims to promote the value of working for the organization and establish a corporate culture or brand to attract candidates.

Recruitment marketing takes advantage of digital marketing strategies such as social media platforms, omnichannel communication, data analytics, hyper-targeted messaging, and automation.


Digital Recruitment Marketing


Having a more extensive reach to find more qualified candidates.

The recruitment process is more efficient.

Managers in different locations can take part in the interview process. Better time management for longer recruitment processes. 

A Recruitment Marketing Platform or RMP is software that’s used to market your jobs and your company so that you can attract candidates and convert them into applicants and new hires.

Top 10 tools for recruiters

  • Job boards. Job boards or job search engines like Indeed provide an essential service that connects businesses with applicants
  • Premade assessments
  • Chatbots
  • Interviewing software
  • Applicant tracking systems
  • CRMs
  • Mobile applications
  • Augmented writing software


Digital Marketing For Recruiters

Digital recruitment marketing is a way for employers to source and attract potential candidates; it can include social media, email marketing, display advertising, and more.


How Has Technology Improved Recruitment?


How digital marketing helps in recruitment and training?

Digital Marketing allows recruiters to directly connect with the target audience.

With Digital Marketing, the recruiters can create a job requirement message that is precise and value oriented.

This will help in attracting the most eligible candidates for that particular job.

Technology has widened the net for hiring managers by giving them access to job candidates that live halfway around the world.

Not only has technology made international recruiting more appealing, but it has also allowed companies to outsource work based on the skill sets of qualified candidates.


Why Recruitment Is An Marketing Activity?


Recruitment marketing helps you amplify your content to reach candidates at scale.

When you produce high-quality, valuable content, candidates will engage and share it with their networks. This gets your employer brand in front of even more eyeballs!

Recruitment marketing is a set of tactics or methodologies you can use to market your employer brand to candidates. Done well, recruitment marketing builds awareness and visibility around your company culture to help attract top talent.

The goal of recruitment is to create a wide pool of qualified candidates from which one has to choose the most qualified individual for the job. This approach draws big groups of individuals and encourages them to apply for open opportunities in a company.


What Are the Most Successful Recruitment Strategies?


LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter, among others—these social media networks are key recruiting sources. Nowadays most candidates are on one or all of these networks, making them a perfect place to promote your job openings. 


What are the modern techniques of recruitment?


  • AI. When it comes to recruiting techniques, Artificial intelligence is already playing a huge role in the way businesses find new talent
  • Virtual reality
  • The rise of passive candidates
  • Video interviews
  • Social media
  • Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Open-ended job posts
  • New interview techniques


What is the best method of recruitment and why?

Employee referrals are among some of the best recruitment strategies for businesses. Existing employees know the company culture and usually, only refer candidates they consider to be a cultural fit. When employees are included in the recruitment process, they can share vacancies with people in their networks.


How does digital recruitment work?

Digital recruitment ranges from using social media, posting on career websites, mobile recruiting, using AI and chatbots to find candidates and more. Recruiting gets easy for the hiring manager, and it fulfils the process to find, analyze, select and hire them for your organization.


Why Is Digital Marketing Important for Recruitment?

Recruitment marketing is of utmost importance in tight labor markets, where competition for labor is intense, but it is also helpful in finding qualified candidates in all economic conditions.

Job seekers tend to search for career opportunities the same way consumers make purchases, by searching online sources and reading public feedback. Many are passive candidates who are not actively looking for a new job. The information they find about working for a company can influence their decision to apply for a job or accept a position. The role of recruitment marketers is to complement recruiters by conveying the brand story alongside the job description.

Effective recruitment marketing results in increased brand awareness, a more qualified talent pool, faster hires, and an improved candidate experience.

Examples of recruitment marketing campaigns include employee culture videos or interviews, search-engine-optimized career sites, and social media job advertising. There are several technology platforms that can help HR managers get started with recruitment marketing.


What are the 7 stages of the recruitment/ Hiring Process?

  1. Planning
  2. Analysis
  3. Searching
  4. Screening
  5. Engagement
  6. Selection
  7. Onboarding


What Technology Is Used in Recruitment?



In a similar way, recruitment chatbots can help reach out to candidates in multiple ways. Chatbots can perform an initial candidate screening, give candidates updates on the status of their applications, and guide them toward job profiles most suited to them.


Best Recruitment Marketing Platforms

What are recruitment marketing platforms?

A Recruitment Marketing Platform or RMP is software that’s used to market your jobs and your company so that you can attract candidates and convert them into applicants and new hires.

  • The Best Recruiting Software of 2023
  • ZipRecruiter
  • LinkedIn
  • JazzHR
  • Breezy HR
  • Zoho Recruit
  • HiringThing
  • Workday Recruiting
  • Freshteam
  • Indeed
  • Greenhouse
  • Glassdoor
  • Workable


Platforms to find candidates

6 Best Tech Recruitment Platforms to Enhance Your Hiring Strategies For Small Business

  • iCIMS. iCIMS works as both an ATS and a CRM, depending on your needs
  • LinkedIn Talent Solutions
  • Zoho Recruit
  • Greenhouse
  • Workable
  • SmartRecruiters


Top tips for winning new clients for your recruitment agency

  • Networking and events. Meeting people at events can introduce you to clients looking for recruitment agency services
  • Recommendation
  • Candidates can be the key.
  • Leverage customer success stories
  • Job boards and LinkedIn aren’t just for candidates.


Most popular recruitment agencies

  • IT, HR, Finance, Light Industrial jobs, & Engineering etc.
  • #1) Kelly Services 
  • #2) Adecco
  • #3) CareerOneStop 
  • #4) Elite Staffing 
  • #5) Q-Staffing 
  • #6) Pridestaff 
  • #7) Prologistix 
  • #8) PeopleReady 


Top Digital Recruitment Marketing Strategies


Internet marketing for recruiters can involve numerous online channels.

Here are some of the best methods for digital recruitment and online marketing for recruitment agencies.


1. SEO to Optimize Your Recruitment Marketing Firm


Digital marketing recruitment agencies highly depend on SEO marketing strategy to help them set a structure of talent pipelines for job vacancies.

If the jobseekers and clients find it difficult to trace you in the search engines, you will lose most potential candidates. Today, SEO applications have become more necessary to make your content visible to the right audiences you are trying to reach.  

Using the right targeting keywords is essential to help improve your website’s ranking on search engines. You may target keywords like “business development jobs in Dhaka” or, “Best digital marketing recruitment agency in BD”. It can be any related keywords that will help optimize your recruitment marketing campaign. 

The main task here is to find the most popular niche-based keyphrases and SEO-optimize them to attract qualified job candidates. Local SEO techniques are now quite useful, especially for marketing recruitment agencies who are trying to hunt down the right candidates.


2. Employer Branding Via Social media 


Social media is the perfect platform for digital marketing recruiters to reach out to more potential candidates quickly and effectively.

With the right talent acquisitions and digital platforms, it is possible to recruit suitable job seekers that best fit your job criteria.

Also, various recruitment advertising platforms on social media allow recruitment agencies to do employer branding better.

Doing online marketing recruitment on such platforms saves a lot of your precious time in selecting and evaluating the right job applicants.

You can easily build a career site on such platforms and start recruiting through strategic marketing campaigns.

Digital platforms have always been effective in promoting job circulars and finding the right targets. 

LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn is the number one networking site for professionals where recruiters can easily scout potential candidates for their job openings.

Over 57 million companies use LinkedIn as a trusted source to implement their recruitment marketing ideas. 

With 850 million users on the platform, LinkedIn is the best place for any recruitment agency to start recruiting. 

Indeed, it is a great choice for professionals to find exclusive job opportunities.

Besides LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms can also help carry out your digital recruitment marketing tactics.


3. Make a User-friendly Web Design for Your Recruitment site


Your website is the first impression your visitors get that helps them decide if they want to commit to your services or not.

So, before you begin hiring new employees you need to make sure that your website looks professional and trustworthy.

Your careers page must focus on all the essential information, job circulars, and articles related to digital marketing recruitment.  

Do what it takes to make your job boards look appealing to your job seekers. 

Most importantly, build your website with a user-friendly design to ensure a good candidate experience. 

That also includes professional-looking landing pages and great copywriting content involving digital recruitment marketing.


4. PPC advertising


PPC ads work great in finding the right job for the right candidates.

If you are a recruiting agency trying to reach new applicants, you must try PPC ads.

This kind of advertising helps you reach potential clients faster and more effectively. 

Using PPC ads will help your recruiting sites to appear at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Also, these are incredibly useful in driving leads for your site.

PPC campaigns let the right audiences find you. 


5. Improve Employer Branding to Attract Talent


Feedbacks are extremely important in convincing others how well a product or service is performing.

Positive reviews help any organization build a good brand reputation and that will impact how others will perceive you.

Job seekers will always have a curiosity to know what a company is all about before they plan to apply for a job there.

It is important as an owner to highlight the positive aspects of your company and let others know how trustworthy you are.

Sharing genuine reviews from your existing employees will let others know about the work environment and culture of your company.

Employee feedback and employer reviews both are crucial as they represent the true identity your brand holds.

Review responses greatly impact the prospective job searchers who are trying to apply to your company.

If you can handle your employer branding well, there is a high chance of getting positive responses for your job openings.

In fact, 80% of job seekers are most likely to apply for any organization that has a good brand reputation in the market. 

You must work to improve your employer branding as this has the potential to attract top talents for your company.


6. Recruitment Advertising on Job Boards


It is needless to say how job boards work incredibly well in finding you the right pool of potential candidates for your job vacancies.

When it comes to posting job circulars for hiring suitable employees, job boards work great in achieving such goals.

This allows the right applicants to find you. 

Promoting your job openings on authentic job boards has many other advantages.

One of the positive sides of posting on job boards is to build credibility for your brand.

People will know your organization is trustworthy when they will see your job postings on reputed job boards.

Job board sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, Careerjet, etc. are some of the best professional sites to promote job opportunities.

Prospective candidates will mostly engage on these authentic job sites to search for suitable jobs.

They believe these sites recommend reputed organizations for job applications.

Thus, it is the best idea to advertise your job positions through such well-reputed job portals. 


7. Interact with Applicants Via Live Chat


Doing live chats is one of the effective digital marketing tactics to leverage your recruitment marketing.

This brings huge benefits for your recruiting organization as it increases brand visibility faster and more effectively.

If the company owner engages in inspirational conversation with the new applicants then it helps build trust between them.

The applicants can directly question the owner about his organization and get better insights into what they do.

Indeed, adding a live chat to your career site will help improve your employer branding.

It’s a great way to attract new talents to your organization.

Digital marketing recruiters must focus on building their brand reputation through interactive live chats.

Interacting with your audiences through question & answer sessions on live chats is great as well, as it lets you discover their expectations of you.

This process will also help you collect lead information that you can follow up on later.

Most importantly, it provides a great opportunity for the owner to showcase his company identity in a positive way.

This allows applicants to see some real evidence of your company.

This, as a result, will let them decide if they want to be a part of your company or not. 

Live chats are incredible to build a good communication method with your prospective employees who are most interested to apply for a position in your company.


8. Employ email marketing to keep your brand top of mind


Once you’ve collected a candidate’s information, you can keep your organization top of mind through email marketing.

Consider sending emails to your list regarding relevant awards you’ve won, spotlights on how your teams are coming together during the pandemic while working remotely, or a client your organization recently helped see success–along with open positions.

Think about what prospective employees would be interested in and what can set your brand apart from the others vying for their applications.

If you can continue engaging your talent network, you can increase your chances of reeling in the perfect fit for your open jobs.


9. Use video marketing to engage candidates


More than 80% of people say they want to see more video content from brands they engage with, and people retain 95% of the message they watch in a video (up from 10% of what they retain from reading text). So, give the people what they want and get your message across with video marketing.

Videos give you a way to connect with prospective employees on a deeper level than any other content you create. You can use video marketing to showcase your company culture, educate on what your organization does, and highlight employee testimonials so candidates can understand what it would be like to work with you.


10. Take it a step further with YouTube advertising


And, with YouTube advertising, you can target those great videos (or snippets of your videos) to prospective employees directly on YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine.

The cost of YouTube advertising is fairly low and can help you build awareness for your organization, reach a new audience online, and drive prospective employees to engage with your videos or your career site.

Wrapping Up — Best Digital Recruitment Marketing Ideas 


The right recruitment marketing strategy can make finding and attracting top talent a much easier feat.

It all comes down to identifying the right mix of tactics to make your recruitment marketing a success.

The candidate’s journey is complex.

With many different channels for candidates to conduct research and a lot more options for them to choose from when it comes to the job pool.

It’s important to stand out and have a presence in the places top talent is searching.


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