Anyone can create a LinkedIn account. But the Challenging part is How to Optimize LinkedIn Profile For SEO.

To extract the best results from LinkedIn, you have to Optimize your LinkedIn profile for SEO. Consequently, You can generate the highest benefits, ranking, exposure, and whatnot?

Take a coffee and start exploring a world of possibilities for LinkedIn Profile Optimization For SEO.

How to Optimize LinkedIn Profile For SEO



According to a study, 62% of modern buyers will look at a LinkedIn profile before even talking to someone if they have a deal to offer.

Nowadays, LinkedIn SEO optimization can help businesses reach a wider audience and connect with potential customers. And you don’t want to miss such opportunities at all.

But why LinkedIn SEO optimization is crucial?



Before anything else, let’s discuss why even LinkedIn can be so valuable in short.

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. Smart People worldwide rely on LinkedIn to find jobs, find business partners and promote their services and products. 2018 LinkedIn statistics show there are more than 500 million users on LinkedIn. The company page on LinkedIn extends your business idea to the whole industry.

But it also comes with some additional features that we can use for business deals and purposes. Unfortunately, if your LinkedIn profile isn’t optimized for SEO, your profile is nothing more than trash. But don’t worry! You have the way to go forward.

First, companies should ensure that their profile is complete and include keywords that people might use to find them.

You can perform keyword research using the online tools available (e.g., Semrush, Ahref, etc.) to extract the best relevant keywords efficiently.

The SEO for the LinkedIn Company page is vital. Remember not to use too many keywords. Otherwise, you would be liable for keyword stuffing. They should also post regularly and share content relevant to their industry. Additionally, businesses can join groups and participate in discussions to update their brain with the latest information and improve opportunities.

Entrepreneurs build an SEO-optimized LinkedIn account for both perspectives, whether business or personal networking. Unfortunately, if you are still not planning to develop a LinkedIn account, you are backdated than most competitors. Yet, don’t worry at all. You have time to take your business to the next level, and we are here to guide you through the process.

If you’re wondering How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For SEO, Don’t worry! You’re going to be an expert on LinkedIn Optimization.

As an intelligent business owner, Let’s look at a few things you can do to optimize your LinkedIn profile for search engines. Following these methods will boost your sales for sure.

Relevant Prospects is All You Want



LinkedIn is a robust social media platform that helps you connect with relevant prospects from scratch. After that, You can identify potential customers and connect with them directly using LinkedIn’s search features. LinkedIn also offers a variety of tools and features that can help you build relationships and market your business.

Here is how to leverage LinkedIn effectively to get relevant prospects:

  1. Before you post on LinkedIn, try using more straightforward phrases and keywords in your search box to connect with prospects from different industries and subjects. You will get more qualified leads this way.
  2. If you want to build strong relationships with people, you must share exciting things. If you share something in common with them, they will be happy because they have had previous interactions with people who like the same things they want. They will also be pleased because they will have a mutual understanding with you.
  3. LinkedIn lets you search for the answers to the most commonly asked questions. The best way to do this is to use the LinkedIn advanced search options. You can find these settings in the Help>Connectedin website at Using these features, you can gather the most asked question, keywords, and helpful information for your business.

How to Optimize LinkedIn Profile For SEO



The profile of LinkedIn is a unique identity book, just like your face. You should not apply any graffiti on it either. Here I present some things that will help you make an eye-catching profile and drive more traffic. Now, it’s time for some LinkedIn SEO tips.

1) Add a Summary of your Experience


It gives an idea regarding the range of skills & experience you have obtained in various entry doors and a resume like a summary. As a result, you get more relevant people to follow you, seeing mutual skills.

2)  Include Jobs & Employers as part of LinkedIn Profile


Include a list of the job title you’ve had and the companies you’ve worked for. Also, Make it easy to find by sorting it into different tags under specific categories.

3) Write More than 250 Words


Include a detailed description of your work experience, skills, and accomplishments. Similarly, add some keywords too. Include relevant and vital information in the experience section.

4) Customize Your Profile Header to Match Your Career Goal


Use keyword phrases that reflect what you would like to show potential employers about you.

5) Upload Pictures that Represent You & What You Offer


Display recent photos that portray who you are as a professional, including images related to the kinds of jobs or industries you might be interested in working in. Do not open yourself to negative comments. Most employers are busy with their work and do not have time for all that is Facebook-related these days, so pictures should be actively taken of you working or professionally.

6) Information about companies


Don’t use your LinkedIn profile as a resume company directory; add the official websites link backward at the bottom of your profile.

Don’t forget to follow these three steps to quickly grow and expand your business.



Only doing SEO all the time won’t help you achieve your goal. You want sales, conversion, and further expansion! That’s why you have to get in touch with new relevant people. These are three dedicated steps you can initially follow to get more exposure:

1) Send a Quick Email to Business Leaders


A study says over one in every three (36 percent) business owners ever responded with an email! Try that on your first day of professional employment; you might catch them by surprise and land them as the boss or someone else high up. Consequently, if you email ten business leaders to build up business relations every day, you get three responses in return. In this way, you can build up good business relations quickly.

2) Join up with like-minded groups


Write to potential buyers who post the same types of information they and their company do, so maximum exposure for you makes them your customers. That is to say, again, make sure this is a professional profile with no graffiti or other activities, which would give employers the idea that someone else could be your boss or employer…if it was in any way questionable, there is an undo feature! Your profile photo must be optimized and good-looking.

Additional Methods to Rank Your LinkedIn Profile



We have been talking about the fundamentals to Optimize LinkedIn Profile For SEO. But only doing fundamentals for your business won’t make you stand out in the crowd of competitors. Therefore, we have to follow some additional methods to help SEO to a greater extent. As a result, you can achieve the trust of both search engines and your target audience.

Let’s jump on the battle of ranking #1.

Publish Optimize Contents


Publishing optimized content can do half of your job to get people interested. Don’t use anything irrelevant to your business niche. For example, if you mistake using such images or text that decrease the value of your post, people might think you’re unprofessional or even scam. Check out our blog about: How to Write SEO Optimized Blog Post.

Include Your Business Profile on Twitter & Google+


If you aim high in search results and want yourself as a one-of-a-kind business person, you’ll need it on Twitter & Google+. You can add the profile link of your LinkedIn Company Page in less than 20 seconds.

Use #Hashtags in your posts


The reason why you may want to include a #hashtag in your LinkedIn posts: Connect, Disconnect and Engage: Hashtags help you to connect with people.

For example, if you want to talk about a job, you can use a hashtag like #job or #career to tell people what you are talking about. If you’re going to talk about a TV show, you can use a hashtag like #tvshow or #tv to tell people you are talking about TV SHOWS. #hashtags are a great way to connect with people interested in the same things as you.

Include Text in Your URL Links


If you aim high in search results and want yourself as a one-of-a-kind business person, you’ll need it on Twitter & Google+. You can add the profile link of your LinkedIn Company Page in less than 20 seconds.

Keep Posting Updates on LinkedIn


There are some benefits to posting frequent updates on LinkedIn. The benefits are that you can communicate with people in your industry and know about other people joining LinkedIn. Some digital marketers claim that Regular posting also helps your pages to get more views and rankings. If you make your posts attractive, people will want to follow you.

Build Backlinks


Search engine optimization has two hearts. One is backlinks, and the other is on-page SEO. You need both to get a good ranking on Google searches. Otherwise, you won’t rank after a certain level. On-page SEO is all the things for fundamental optimization. That’s why you should focus on creating more and more backlinks. You can make the initial backlinks through your website easily. For example, include the URL of your LinkedIn profile somewhere in your blog with text relevancy.

Expand Your Network


Who doesn’t want to expand and grab the opportunities of expanding the business network?

If you want to boost your business contact list through LinkedIn but don’t have a lot of experience in networking, you would like to use LINKEDIN for more than just business deals.

Here is how to expand your network


Build a Micro-Networking Community. If you haven’t already heard of it, LinkedIn is the new Social Networking site on steroids. This fantastic tool allows users to promote their business and build relationships in an organized manner through forums rather than having to go out there finding people just based upon age or gender.

Check LinkedIn Analytics


Don’t just keep giving efforts. Sometimes, check the analytics provided by LinkedIn.

Read reports to find out where you can increase your social reputability, manage who’s contacting you, and what content you should promote for it to get higher engagement.

As a result, You can judge if your efforts are going the right way. Check the reports and ask yourself: are LinkedIn Business pages SEO-friendly or not? Then, take steps accordingly.


Wrapping Up

Your social media can be much more than an account where you share personal thoughts.

It can be your branding platform, marketing platform, and more.

When you know how to optimize LinkedIn for SEO, you can use it in so many ways.

Use the opportunity and grow your business through it.

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