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Content Ideas for Personal Trainers

When it comes to content ideas for personal trainers, many trainers lack the idea and planning to reach out to the proper target audience.

As various platforms and contents are available on the internet, people are more willing to try out a personal trainer than ever.

However, why should they choose you as a personal trainer?

What convenience and experienced treatment can you offer?

Is your organization well-planned and organized?

These are the questions you will need to answer through your content as a personal trainer.

According to insure4sport.co.uk, an entry level personal trainer’s income is nearly £21,804.

So needless to say, a personal trainer business is quite lucrative if marketed right.

Being strategic, planning ahead, having a marketing strategy, and capitalizing on social media platforms regularly can help you grow as a personal trainer.

These are the basic things to remember that you need to understand in detail.


So without further ado, let’s talk about the questions you need to answer for your audience.

Afterward, we will discuss 10 content ideas for personal trainers that can help you reach your target audience and increase your brand awareness.


What Is The Role of A Personal Trainer?


A personal trainer is not only an instructor who shouts orders to his or her trainees.

A personal trainer makes the trainees strong both physically and mentally with proper diet and exercises instructions along with his or her own energy.

So carrying a positive vibe with yourself is a must when you are a trainer.

A good personal trainer also understands how different students have different needs and how to motivate them differently.

In short, you need to remember these yourself and emphasize them to your audience too when they ask you “what is the role of a personal trainer?


What Do Clients Look For In A Personal Trainer?

This is one question you need to know the answer to yourself.

Firstly, people have access to various social media platforms.

They are submerged in various digital marketing campaigns without even noticing.

Most of the audience is aware of choosing the most appealing and affordable options from them. 

So how do they define which trainer’s personal training could be best?

They look for authentic training exercises, positive word of mouth, and proper connection.

Take this advantage and show them you have proper expertise according to your audience’s needs.

Make contents that your audience can relate to, and try to make the content as regularly as possible.

In this way, you will see a definite growth of interest.

Because that is what clients look for in a personal trainer.


What Can I Offer As A Personal Trainer?


As mentioned previously, plenty of trainers are available in the online personal training field.

How many of them are authentic and uphold quality, though?

That is what most aware people try to find out and consider when they are looking for personal trainers. 

With that in mind, you can focus on content that can help people know about your journey and experience as a trainer.

Do you have a unique story to tell?

Do you have a particular experience that is unique to you?

Of course, you do if you are properly ready to be a trainer.

In addition, you must also know how different students and their different personalities and body types need different handling and exercises.

Let the audience know you can offer these instructions and counseling in your own way.

You can use your personal trainer’s social media accounts in this advancement.

These are also great content ideas that we will elaborate upon.


Personal Training Topics


As a personal trainer, there is a lot you can talk about that can lead you to garner more authentic attention to your business.

You can talk about strength training; you can talk about flexibility training, you can talk about how to increase your cardio, etc.

Additionally, you must remember what your particular trainee wants to derive. 

If it is more muscle build and it is your area of expertise, you can focus on creating content on the diet and exercises based on that. 

If you know about meditation and breathing techniques, those can also be great topics to publish content on as a personal trainer.

It is not always about physical strength but also about mental strength and peace.

You can choose more topics about fitness gear, weight loss tactics, nutrition tips, etc.

Which are really popular among people of various demographics.

Now that you know what your topics are, you must know who your audiences are.

Knowing who are the people who love your content the most is very important.

It lets you know which demographic can be your most loyal clients.


Know Your Audience


One of the most basic mistakes many personal trainers make is that they do not think about who their target audience is.

You can say that everyone needs to be healthy, so everyone is my target audience, but that is not totally practical.

Initially, the most passionate and experimental people are usually the ones who would give you a chance to grow as a personal trainer.

So you need to take proper care of them and show proper promise.

Usually, these are the youngsters of the era, so based on that, set your demographic. Set your tone of the content.

Think about what they actually want to see from you.

Millennials account for 39.6% of personal training users, meaning more than 3 million people, according to ihrsa.org.

So, needless to say, the 18-34 age demographic is a huge market for personal trainers.

So plan ahead. Build a marketing strategy.

Every business needs a marketing strategy, and you are looking for growth as a personal trainer. So it is also a must have.

You need to plan your content ahead of time. Small goals for upcoming days, weeks, or months, will lead to long-term success in your upcoming years.

With the planning in effect, you should start posting as regularly and effectively as possible.


Post Regularly with Variation


Content is king, and regular content is the king of relevancy in any social media platform.

So after you have selected your target audience and created a plan or marketing strategy for your personal training business, you can run a digital marketing campaign through various social media content.

The more content you have on your social media platforms, the more relevant you can be.

Moreover, it will keep your audience more engaged.

You never know which content might become popular!

Besides, more views and hits can definitely lead to more potential clients.

However, you might be thinking, what to post as a personal trainer?

This is further discussed below for your own ease.


What To Post As A Personal Trainer


First of all, look over the content ideas you established in your planning phase.

Based on that, you will understand what content you can initially produce. 

You have many social media platforms available at your fingertips where you can post writings, images, videos, or short clips.

Understand how you can capitalize on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.


Now let us provide you with 10 splendid ideas for content as a personal trainer.

10 Content Ideas for Personal Trainers


1. Post workout videos and behind the scene videos as content


It is common knowledge that quality visual content and regular flow of them will help you reach a better target audience and reach.

What content can you focus on to post? That is the question. 

Release regular short clips of workout videos or content based on your training process.

It is one of the easiest and most basic ways to stay relevant and active. 

You can include your student too, and it can be a short video where your class is in the process.

People often tend to share the content their friends are included in. So it is one of the best ways to derive more potential clients from your existing trainee’s circle as well.

Furthermore, if your students or followers create quality videos mentioning you, you can promote them as user generated content as well.

Secondly, you can shoot behind the scenes videos as well.

Raw footages are often more engaging and real as content.

Moreover, it also provides you a great chance to show your business in action.

This is an effective social media content idea.

Thirdly, when you do not have a video clip or image of training for the day, you can take the help of motivational quotes and stories that are powerful, real, and resonates with you.

We will discuss more of them in our next point.

Additionally, make sure all of your social media accounts are linked together so that all the platforms create a web of links towards different content for different audiences.


2. Use motivational stories as content ideas


Nothing is more powerful than a powerful story.

The world of workouts and personal conditioning or training already has many legends who have left their mark and pushed through regular physical and mental thresholds.

With that in mind, you can choose a favorite icon of yours and take your audience on a storytelling journey on your social media page.

A powerful quote is usually a very good idea to start narrating a story.

Taking that into consideration, choose your icon, choose your quote, then narrate his or her story the best you can on your social media accounts and pages.

It can generate a lot of traffic through mentions and shares.

Whether people join your personal training sessions or not, they will like and follow your page for quality content.

As a result, that will keep your business in action and it will keep you relevant.


3. Showcase your own experience as a personal trainer


Beginnings are always humble and learnable.

Whether you struggled at the beginning or whether you pushed through, let the social media audience know your presence and your experience.

As many of them have not started training yet, they will likely relate to how the start might be like them with you, and with your development, how they also can develop.


4. Showcase your personality in your content


We are all accustomed to watching various martial arts and kung fu movies in our time.

Although those are mostly not reality, we have that precognition or prenotion of how masters or trainers usually are.

There are different types of them too.

So which type are you? Do you relate to any one of them?

Are you hardcore and serious? Or are you a laid-back and funny one, but push your trainees when needed? Or do you not relate to any one of them? If not, why not?

Interact with your audience and trainees.

Tell them about your ideas and perception of the things you are passionate about.

It is a very good thing to bond over and creates a stronger connection.

Throughout these interactions, people will regularly come to visit your platform, even if they can not join your training program.

Of course, that can lead to more views and more revenues from your channels or platforms too.


5. Let them know what makes you different


Your personal training should promise your own, unique personal experience.

So do the best you can to utilize the content ideas and have your unique spin on them. 

Make your content on social media platforms dynamic.

Use the music and fonts that mean something to you and your audience and the workout vibes.

Edit your content as well as you can, but do not wait too much.

Showcase if you have any effective workouts that you have personally found out.

Hold the audience’s interest by fusing contemporary content with your own venture if you can.

Of course, your experience is unique to you.

Focus on telling your story and telling your audience how differently you tend to tackle some exercises and nutrition plans.

In the end, it is sure to create audiences’ interest.


6. Show before and after stories from clients


 Transformation contents are all the rage in today’s content-submerged social media.

You can document your own physical transformation through writing, images, or videos too if possible.

If they can relate to you or your stories, or your client’s stories that you use with permission, it is sure to create more credibility for you.

It showcases that your training is effective and they can rely upon it.

Certainly, reliability is very good for the personal training business.


7. Arrange challenges and goals for content


Challenges sound exciting and keep your trainees focused on their goals.

Even with a small enthusiastic reward system for your students after completing a challenge, their performance and enthusiasm can skyrocket.

So can your business.

You can promise simple shoutouts, a small treat, or a token of appreciation and recognition for your student when they complete a decent challenge.

It can also attract more competitive members who were previously unaware, and it can restore your trainees’ game spirit all over.

With videos, clips, or photos of these on social media, it will surely seem like your personal training sessions are a great fun time.

So these are great content ideas for personal trainers


8. Make your venture a team experience


As we have mentioned challenges and goals, you can make these challenges and goals team based so that trainees are not all separated, rather they would have to healthily push each other to reach their goals and targets.

Avoiding collision has to be taken to account here.

However, you can divide your trainees into teams peacefully, or randomly divide them and set goals according to the group’s needs.

You can set a goal for the team’s collective weight loss, you can set a challenge for cardio or rounds of pushups or squats, and you can give them a time challenge too.

All of these are competitive and fun, and the team experience can definitely make your venture a place of stronger bonding and memories.

Do not forget to post the updates on your social media accounts.


9. Post nutrition charts and healthy recipes


All exercise without a proper diet leads to ineffective results, any wise trainer knows that.

It is said that you are what you eat, so make sure you provide proper nutrition charts and healthy recipes to your trainees.

And possibly share some of those on your social media by practically showcasing what type of body types with what goals need what kind of diets.

For example, if someone wants to lose weight, that diet would surely not be the same as someone who is trying to gain weight and muscle mass.

People love effective social media posts where there are healthy recipes, nutrition charts, and healthy habits showcased as well.

This type of social media content will surely increase the brand value of your page.

Just make sure to fact-check your posts so that they are authentic.

Make your own content on these as much as possible to avoid copyright claims on platforms like YouTube.


10. Content Ideas for Personal Trainers- Create Blogs


Blogs are excellent ideas for elaborate written content on your page or website.

Many prominent health and fitness websites garner hundreds of thousands of views every week through blog articles.

Personal trainer blog ideas can do the same for you as they are equally important for your personal venture.

Through blogs, personal trainers can also market and promote their own ventures.

So needless to say, personal trainer blog ideas have the great capacity to expand your personal training business if you are passionate and patient enough to focus on them.

You can write blogs about fitness training, the benefits of meditation, breathing exercises, yoga instructions, weight loss programs, important fitness gear, and necessary products, and introductory blogs to all of these.

All these are amazing content ideas for personal trainers for blogs.


Wrapping Up – Content Ideas for Personal Trainers


Without a doubt, personal trainers need to focus on content ideas to expand their business.

The trick is to do it regularly and tastefully throughout as many social media platforms as possible.

As we mentioned, it is very important to know your audience and plan content ideas ahead.

Then you can capitalize on social media to post workout videos, motivational quotes, and stories, transformation stories, challenge videos, nutrition and health tips, blogs, etc.

All of these are splendid content ideas for personal trainers and these can help you maintain a stellar presence on social media.


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