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Do you know the latest SEO updates for 2024? How often do Search Engine Updates occurs? or when for natural google update SEO or google local SEO update?

For Search Engine updates, you are in the right place.

We often get questions, how often does google update SEO? 

According to Search Engine Land, in 2021.

Google came up with 3 core updates and 2 product review updates ( one of them is on 1st December). 

But that’s not all. The answer to How often Google updates SEO is- 500/600 times per year.

Though not all of them are significant updates, acknowledging them is essential for SEO strategy.  

Search engines bring various changes that are connected to SEO and ranking factors.

There is no alternative to staying updated with the latest news and changes in search engines. 

That is why we make your task easier by posting the monthly updates together.

We have gathered all the search engine updates for December 2024.

Let’s see what they are: 


Latest SEO Update 2024: 14 Search Engine Updates


In December month, there were 14 mentionable updates.

Here they are sorted by date: 


1. Product Review Updates 


On 1st December 2021, google brought a new update on product reviews.

This google algorithm update SEO is for affiliate marketers and significantly impacts SEO and blog post writing style.

Google puts emphasis on genuine reviews that actually help the consumers, not only structured data.

Must avoid intrusive interstitials. 

They suggested focusing on two points: 

1. Add proof to your review

2. Add More than 1 seller

2. Shopping integration with photoshop 


On 2nd December Google announced that they would integrate with Photoshop. 

Previously, you had to use Google merchant center to show products on search results.

This was a little bit of a complicated process. From this update, you can easily upload your products. 

3. Google Ads API update


On 3rd December, Google ads API announced that it would support recommendations, performance max campaigns and keyword planners.

But these tools are not going to be free, as the way Google API Isn’t.

For every 25,000 operations, it charges one dollar. 


4. Political Content Policy Update


On 6th December, Google updated its political content policy, which will be activated from 15th February.

One of the mentionable changes is that political content will be no more national.

You can select your target audience worldwide. 

5. Image extension Update


On 7th December, Google launched an image extension for desktops as well.

Previously this was only for mobile phones.

However, this update launched in the USA a few months ago, and finally, it started worldwide. 


6. Ethical shopping hub Launch


On 8th December, Microsoft launched an ethical shopping hub.

Previously it was only available for the UK region, but now everyone can use the Facility. 

7. Google news feed Update


On 9th December, Google revised its internal system to collect impressions by Google news feed. 

8. YouTube Vlog Update


YouTube announced places mentioned in the video.

Now it will help the travel vloggers to show the location better and also will be helpful for the user to find the place. 

9. Google Map change 


On 10th December,  Google Changed the map for local searches.

Though the change is so tiny, it improves the user experience for map search queries. 

10. Redirect Issue Announced 


On 13th December, Google accepted redirect error bugs in the google search console of google business profiles.

Many pages were redirected previously, and that is not your issue; it’s official now. 

11. Google Search Console Update 


On 14th December, Google changed the way it reports rich results in the Google search console.

No, you cannot give the star only; you must also post text.

This page experience update will help to find reliable reviews. 

12. GA4 linked with Search Console 


From 15th December, you can link GA4 and Google search console web properties.

This update is targeted to make the user experience better.

13. Google local SEO update


On 16th December, Google casually informed us about a massive 2021 local search update that rolled out Between 30th November and 8th December.

It Rebalanced various factors, and reduced area coverage.

From November 2021, local search it has introduced.

So this has become another factor we consider in generating local search results.

Local SEO area update

14. Product Entity Update


On 28th December, Google announced a change in product entity evaluation in the Google search console.

Google will not show all the problems as errors like before; it will show the problems as warnings. 


Interestingly Google has updated its algorithm this year again!

And the update occurred in May 2024.

So let’s get to know about the brand new update of Google now.

Google’s overall recommendation about core changes is as follows:


Expect widely apparent impacts, such as spikes or dips in search ranks.

Core updates are “broad” because they don’t target anything particular. Rather, they aim to enhance Google’s systems overall.

Pages that tumble in ranks aren’t being punished; they’re being appraised against other online material that has been released since the previous update.

The top advised approach to cope with the effect of a core algorithm modification is to create the most excellent possible content.

Broad core upgrades occur every several months. Sites may not recover from one upgrade until the next one comes out.

Improvements may not ensure recovery. However, deciding not to adopt any modifications will nearly assure no recovery.



Wrapping Up 


You need to stay updated with search engine updates, google local SEO updates because they impact SEO significantly.

The more you adopt changes, the better you do.

Stay connected with us to get the latest updates every month. Do not forget to leave a comment. 

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