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Video marketing ideas for small business is something you must have if you are a small business owner in today’s world.

If a picture tells a thousand words, a video can tell a hundred thousand within a short span of time.

Furthermore, crafting a video has become easier than ever with today’s advancement of technology.

Industry experts and insiders also state that many small businesses are booming with video marketing more than regular copywriting.

According to wyzowl.com, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.

In addition, 64% of marketers admit that the pandemic has directly affected their video marketing plans for 2022 and 2023.

However, it has no sign of stopping. The pandemic just made us realize how effective video marketing is.

Video marketing or video ideas for business is still running in full force with many businesses having a separate team invested in video advertising for small business.

Moreover, more and more businesses are focusing on video production for small business.

They are hiring videographer for small business, generating small business video ideas, video marketing content ideas, company video ideas and much more.

So if you are a small business owner, it is about time that you delved into content video ideas as well, because they are immensely effective as creative advertising methods.

Video marketing builds your brand, increases online traffic, generates more leads, and gets you more customers organically at the same time.

Now how can you use video marketing for your own business?

How Small Businesses Can Use Video Marketing?


Small businesses are the ones who could use video marketing more than ever.

Very few people look for highly budgeted ads on television anymore.

Rather than traditional commercials, the ads playing in between the content people are watching are more prevalent.

Moreover, it is very easy to create short segmented ad contents nowadays which can be catchy and boost brand exposure.

However, first of all, set your marketing goals.

Do you want to –

  • Educate Your Customers?
  • Increase Brand Awareness?
  • Gain Credibility and Trust?
  • Drive More Sales?

According to these different purposes, you can create different types of videos.

You can either create an educational video, or a video showcasing the story of your brand, or you can create social proof videos or product videos accordingly.

Then all that is left to do will be to prepare your script, gather your tools, choose the location, theme, or setting, then hit the record button.

Whether your video is entirely shot outside, or completely computer generated, post-production and editing should be appropriate to your campaign.

That is how video marketing for small business can be so useful.

Still wondering how to generate video content ideas for businesses?

Perhaps a few examples mentioned below can inform and enlighten you.


What Is An Example of Video Marketing?


Video marketing comes in various shapes and forms.

For a small-scale business, you do not usually aim for creating long video commercials.

What you can opt for is looking at short video ideas to create a video, then going for longer ones that take more effort.

For example, look at the short ads on YouTube shorts and Instagram reels.

They often take the minimum effort and directly lead customers to the sites to complete a sale.

You just need to showcase your products or services, have some short yet effective texts, have some effects and transitions, and there! You have your video ad!

If you are satisfied with your small ads and want to move on to a different more elaborate venture, you can go on creating a detailed video of your product and team.

Tell the story behind your brand, including your crew and team, and go closer to the details of your products and production.

What else to include in your small business video clips?

Read the next section for more ideas!


What Should Be Included in Video Marketing?


Your marketing campaign should contain video ideas for different platforms.

Some videos are there to promote your product, brand, or services.

On the other hand, some videos will help you connect with your audience on a more personal level.

Additionally, some videos can appeal to a cause, purpose, or mentality that your target audience believes in.

All of these are beautiful content ideas to have for your small business.


So what type of video should you produce to start with?


Here are the top 10 ideas to implement while you are generating video ideas for small business.


Top 10 Video Marketing Ideas for Small Business


1. Create Bite-sized Ads to Promote Your Brand/ Product

Social media is a place where people’s attention can be caught really fast.

In addition, with people’s attention spans getting smaller and smaller, the less time you can take to emphasize what you have to offer, the more effective it is.

With that in mind, the effectiveness of small ads is off the charts.

According to a study by the Advertising Research Foundation, it was found that even a 7-second version of the same ad was as effective as the 15-second version.

It is a testament to how creating only a 7-second ad of good quality can give you the same effectiveness.

Small video ads are amazing for small business video ideas.

So if you are just starting, don’t know too much about editing, or even if you haven’t much time to spend, even then you can create some small ads for social media platforms to market your small business.

Make sure the ad is short and sweet.

You would not want to overwhelm your audience with texts in a short video.

Moreover, make sure the visual is aesthetically pleasing and appealing to the senses.

Remember, the goal is to pique your audience’s interest without overwhelming them.


2. Tiktok Video Ideas For Small Businesses


As we have previously mentioned, the attention span of the general mass is decreased.

As a result, the platforms dedicated to short forms of videos have a mass following.

That is how TikTok is on the rise and it has no sign of stopping.

Consequently, any small business can benefit hugely by featuring its advertisement or promotional content on TikTok.

It is undeniable to notice that marketing options for small business have increased because of platforms like TikTok.

It is not only highly appealing to the youth, but also getting increasingly popular with the elders and millennials due to the promising exposure level.

In times of the pandemic, a wave of support for small businesses came on TikTok.

Even the hashtag #smallbusiness itself received 33.8 billion views in 2021.

So with all that said, TikTok is a great platform for small videos for small businesses.

However, not every type of video will be a hit on TikTok.

Here are a few sample ideas for you to get more visibility for your business on TikTok –

  • Focus on creating a beautiful and aesthetic product video with premium quality color and text which are easy on the eyes.
  • Include appropriate music with the clip
  • Showcase useful tips, tricks, and how-to videos with proper music and graphics
  • Stay on top of the trends. Momentary exposures can get you momentary traffics, but can turn into retaining profit as well!
  • Be familiar with the apps’ editing, and do not forget to use hashtags appropriately.


3. Instagram Video Marketing Ideas for Small Business


Instagram is a place where like TikTok, a lot of traffic can be generated through your visual content.

Although mainly originating with the idea of showcasing pictures and having great filters, Instagram has delved into videos very popularly.

So do not forget to put your videos up on your Instagram reels, stories, and posts. 

Just like you could post how-to videos, tips, tricks, and product showcases, you can do the exact same on Instagram with many different filters, text fonts, and music libraries.

You would be amazed to know that a staggering 90% of Instagram users follow a small business on the platform.

So not having your business outlet on Instagram would be a huge miss on an audience waiting to click on “follow” and “shop now”.

Overall, Instagram is a great place for your video ads to take place.

Instagram ads have a great call to action function and click-through percentage too, so it is one of the best video marketing ideas for small business to put video content on Instagram.


4. Company Introduction Videos


If you are satisfied with the smaller content you have generated, you can now focus on an amazing company explainer video.

People like the thought of being shown a grand or fun idea.

So let them know where your brand came from.

What were your brand’s inception and inspiration?

Ask and show your audience that story.

That way you are not just making money, you are connecting on a deeper level.

Moreover, you can showcase your company culture throughout your video, inspiring more people to help you out in your journey.

Thus, people would grow more with you and along with your business.

Furthermore, you will be tempted to know that 76% of consumers admit to buying from a brand they feel naturally connected with instead of a competition.

So bring your A game with your company introduction video.

Showcase the dream behind the project, showcase your team member who has contributed so much, and showcase the smile and happiness of your crew and consumers from candid shots throughout your video.

If your brand is authentic, this is a format that never fails.

Or, if you are like Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, you will probably do a parody of the conventional video types!

Yet the message is, to put your authentic energy into the video, and people will feel it.


5. Product Explainer Video


So now that people know what your brand is, and what value you bring to them, focus on the products as well.

Product marketing is a great form of content marketing, and its art has been practiced since ancient times.

Even before the early 2000’s when the television era was just spreading widely, product explainer videos were around.

The product explainer commercials have held appeal because they are easy to understand, provide simple information, and often held consumer testimonies or celebrity faces.

The best product explainer videos showcase how a product can solve a particular problem of a consumer.

So make sure how appealing you can make that problem-solving to your audience.

If you need help with graphics, or need the help of visuals, or need the help of dialogues that will appeal to a particular sense amongst the five senses, do that.

That is how you can have a perfect product explainer video for your small business.


6. Small Business YouTube Video Ideas


YouTube is the largest and most popular video-hosting website in the world.

Not only that, it can be denoted as the second large search engine and the largest search engine for videos.

So needless to say, having your company video channel for small business video ideas is a great thing to do.

You should definitely get into YouTube’s ad and marketing system.

YouTube is integrated with Google AdSense and your website, YouTube Channel, and videos, all can be featured in YouTube Ads.

Moreover, the same ads you have used can be the same video you feature on your channel for more views and channel promotion.

If your video content is of quality as we have instructed before, it will gain you extra profit and viewership even outside of your business.

So definitely your ads should generate more clients from YouTube.

However, even if does not do that, your small business ideas video marketing will get you some income from your views with quality content.


7. Product Launch Videos


Product launch videos always create amusement and excitement amongst viewers when done right.

This is easily understandable from the tech companies’ launch videos.

Whenever they are launching a new product, they shoot it spectacularly with amazing lighting and close-up shots, making you want to touch and feel the product.

Whether it is the new iPhone 14 pro max or any newer versions with slightly tweaked or better upgrades, the viewership and excitement will skyrocket.

Of course, as a small business, you will not be competing with that.

However, find what is appealing to your brand and product.

Whether it is a flower vase, handicraft, food item, or an online service, showcase the best features of the product or service.

Take your video from different angled shots. If you are showcasing a product, go close and let the audience see the details.

If you are promoting an app or a site, make sure you show how user-friendly the landing page or the interface is.

Regardless of whichever type of product you have, a great launch could ensure a direct sale or preorder from your potential customers.


8. Event Promo Videos to Build Excitement


If you are planning to hold an event and not promote it by capturing it on video, you will be missing out on a great chance of video marketing.

An ideal event promo video can be great for video marketing ideas for small business as it generates hype and interest.

Additionally, it will also make your company relevant and seem fun to be around.

If you have footage, clips, or fun images from your previous events, that would work to your benefit as well.

Otherwise, collect images or short clips of how you imagine the event to be.

Afterwards, get to editing a spectacular video to get your audience’s mind blown.

An ideal length for your event promo would be around 30 seconds to a minute.

It should leave the audience with a taste of what to expect, but a want for more when the event takes place.

Make them look forward to it.

Put your fun shoes on.


9. Webinars


Webinars are amazing for your video content strategy.

The knowledge-hungry section of your audience will surely love the idea if you host an informative web-based seminar.

The best thing about Webinars is that it is interactive too.

In that sense, you can notice how you are attracting and retaining the attention of your audience, and when it is not working.

A successful webinar largely depends on the host and co-hosts, or the panelists speaking about some particular topics.

There is also a Q&A session in the mix of it, which provides your viewers a direct chance to interact with your brand and people in person.

In addition, you can host live webinars and post them later as recorded content that people can learn from.

Whether you have webinar videos on marketing, skill development, or whatever else your business is about, having these types of videos in your social media library or YouTube channel will surely make your company more credible.

So webinars should not be forgotten about in your video marketing strategy amongst all your other video marketing ideas.


 10. Customer Testimonials


You might have seen testimonials lying around websites with a photo of a viewer or reviewer with a few words.

However, what if they were a person directly talking to you in an authentic fashion?

You, like any wise consumer, might have thought, anyone can open an account, put on a picture, and write a few words for testimonials.

On the other hand, videos are not so easily corruptible.

So a testimonial video is a great idea for your business video marketing.

When a real person recommends a product face to face, you are more likely to be more convinced.

You need the trust of your potential customers along with your journey.

So if you have already featured the aforementioned video marketing ideas for small business, definitely keep customer feedback and testimonials as effective content ideas.

The testimonials have to seem sincere, thoughtful, and insightful for this to work.

It is easy to get an online video from customers nowadays.

However, even if you can not get it, use graphics with the testimonial text and proper voice-over if you can.

Make the video short and sweet, that should be enough.

That is about it! You are ready to embark on a journey of growth for your small business with these amazing video marketing tips for small business.


Wrapping Up- Video Marketing Ideas for Small Business!


In the case of video marketing, there is no debate on how effective you can be for your small business.

People like watching videos, which is why there is a separate watch videos section on nearly every social media platform available today.

Amazing video content holds the audience’s attention and takes them through motions and emotions like no other.

If not that, a well-crafted product video itself can definitely intrigue your target audience’s interest.

So without a doubt, definitely try to capitalize on small business video ideas for marketing your content.

Make sure to make some small bite-sized videos and market them on your social media platforms.

Spread them on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube as well, but know the different preferences of the different audiences.

Make a company explainer video to explain your company culture.

Give the audience a taste of what your event showcasing is like with your event promo videos.

Host webinars and showcase your video marketing ideas in your social media library as well.

These are also great as video marketing content ideas and would enrich your YouTube channel and social media library.

Last but not least, of course, feature some product or service launch videos along with product and service explainer videos.

All of these combined will get you some amazing video marketing ideas for small business, and contribute towards your overall video marketing strategy.

Like what you read? There’s more to be learned!

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