Anchor text Optimization in SEO : How to do it?

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Anchor text optimization in SEO

Do you know about Anchor text optimization in SEO? If you want to know “what is anchor text optimization,” you are in the right place.

When you optimize your content, you have to optimize all little things.

Every anchor text has an impact, so a relevant anchor text helps to get rank improves your authority.

But do you know anchor text can be the reason for the getting penalty as well? Yes, optimizing anchor text is crucial, and you must know how to do it properly.

This blog will discuss the anchor text optimization process step by step and guide you to avoid the google penguin penalty.

What is Anchor Text Optimization



The visible and clickable text that we see as part of a hyperlink from one website to another is anchor text (or link text).

SEO experts consider it one of the most significant parts of on-page and off-page optimization as a general principle of SEO.

There are multiple sides to this issue, as there are to most elements of SEO.

Search engines like Google use anchor text to gauge the relevance and value of a webpage.

A distinct color or an underline usually differentiates the anchor text.

From one of our blog posts, here’s an example of the anchor text “content writing service”:

Anchor text

The following is how the exact anchor text appears in HTML code (the anchor text is bolded):

Anchor text html


Types of Anchor Text



Exact match: The meaning of The term “exact match anchor text” refers to employing the page’s targeted keyword as anchor text. For Example, the anchor text for this page is “anchor text.”

Partial match: You combine your target term with other keywords when using partial match anchor text. For Example, when optimizing for “SEO audit,” you can use “understanding SEO Audit” as the anchor text.

Phrase match: The phrase you intend to rank for is combined with other keywords related to it in this type of anchor text. “How to Use Anchor Text for SEO” is an example of this.

Branded. Branded anchor text is anchored text that includes your company’s name. ” Reinforce lab,” for Example.

Naked: The URL is given as the anchor text in naked anchor text. For Example, the anchor text can be  

Because it can look odd in the middle of a paragraph, this is a less popular approach to using text.

Generic: A call to action is essentially a generic anchor text (CTA). “Learn more” or “get a quote” are two examples.

Images: CTAs are similar to picture anchor text. In this scenario, you’ll use anchor text on an image.”

The anchor text would be “night view Today!” as a button on an image. For your photographs, you’ll also need to supply alt text.


Anchor Text Optimization in SEO

1. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

The truth is that you would not want a lot of inbound links coming to your site for two reasons:

1) it really doesn’t look natural, and

2) you only want high-quality links connecting to your site.

Though it’s always a smart option to optimize your anchor text, you usually only need to do so for approximately 10% to 20% of your links, and make sure they’re the best.

This is sufficient to inform Google of the terms you wish to rank for. Keep in mind that 10 authoritative, well-respected links are worth more than 30 low-quality connections.

2. Keyword Variety is helpful

3. Relevant resource, not random

4. Don’t Link Everything

5. Optimize Keyword Link Description

Anchor Text Optimization and Google Penguin Updates

web pages


mage anchors

rich anchor

match keywords

external links

link anchors

internal links






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