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Anchor text optimization in SEO

Do you know about Anchor text optimization in SEO?

You must be thinking about how this thing can be optimized as well?

The answer is obvious!

So if you want to know “what is anchor text optimization,” you are in the right place!

When you optimize your content, you have to optimize all little things.

Every anchor text has an impact, so a relevant anchor text helps to get rank and improves your authority.

But do you know anchor text can be the reason for the getting penalty as well?

Yes, optimizing anchor text is crucial, and you must know how to do it properly.

This blog will discuss the anchor text optimization process step by step and guide you to avoid the google penguin penalty.

So let’s start with –

What is Anchor Text Optimization


The visible and clickable text that we see as part of a hyperlink from one website to another is anchor text (or link text).

SEO experts consider it one of the most significant parts of on-page and off-page optimization as a general principle of SEO.

There are multiple sides to this issue, as there are to most elements of SEO.

Search engines like Google use anchor text to gauge the relevance and value of a webpage.

A distinct color or an underline usually differentiates the anchor text.

From one of our blog posts, here’s an example of the anchor text “content writing service”:

Anchor text


The following is how the exact anchor text appears in HTML code (the anchor text is bolded):

Anchor text html


As now you know what an anchor text is, let’s get to know about –

Different Types of Anchor Text

Here I will mention 10 types of anchor text that are widely used for the optimization –

Exact Match Anchor Text 


The term “exact match anchor text” refers to employing the page’s targeted keyword as anchor text.

For Example, the anchor text for this page is “anchor text.”


Partial Match Anchor Text


When using partial match anchor text, you combine your target term with other keywords.

For Example, when optimizing for “SEO audit,” you can use “understanding SEO Audit” as the anchor text.


Phrase Match Anchor Text


The phrase you intend to rank for is combined with other keywords in this type of anchor text.

“How to Use Anchor Text for SEO” is an example.


Branded Anchor Text


Branded anchor text is one of the most used and effective things to optimize.

This sort of anchored text includes your company’s name, ” Reinforce lab,” for Example.


Naked Anchor Text


The URL is given as the anchor text in naked anchor text.

For Example, the anchor text can be  

Because it can look odd in the middle of a paragraph, this is a less popular approach to using text.


Generic Anchor Text


A call to action is essentially a generic anchor text (CTA).

“Learn more” or “get a quote” are two examples.


Long Tail Anchor Text


Long-tail anchors are like half anchors but longer.

You may add your keyword along with descriptive, generic, or branded keywords.

Long-tail anchors might incorporate subheadings or headlines.


Related Anchor Text


This particular kind of anchor text links to a page by using a variant of the target term.

Keyword variation can be an excellent choice to work with this type of anchor text.


Random Anchor Text 


Certain link analysis technologies can group random and generic anchors into the same group.

While they are not as general as “click here,” random anchor words might contain phrases that are not directly connected to the target keyword.

An excellent example of an anchor is an in-depth article.


Image Anchor


CTAs are similar to picture anchor text. In this scenario, you’ll use anchor text on an image.”

The anchor text would be “night view Today!” as a button on an image.

For your photographs, you’ll also need to supply alt text.


So the wait is over and without any further delay, let’s dive into our main topic, which is –

Anchor text Optimization in SEO: How to do it?


1. Avoid Keyword Stuffing


The truth is that you would not want a lot of inbound links coming to your site for two reasons:

1) It does not look natural, and

2) You only want high-quality links connecting to your site.

Though it is always an intelligent option to optimize your anchor text.

You usually only need to do so for approximately 10% to 20% of your links and make sure they are the best.

This is sufficient to inform Google of the terms you wish to rank for.

Remember that 10 authoritative, well-respected links are worth more than 30 low-quality connections.


2. Variation is Helpful


Your distinctive and diversified approach is preferable when building an anchor text strategy that aids SEO.

This goes against the grain of most SEO advice, which emphasizes the need to use anchor texts in specific ratios.

The ideal way to optimize a home page is to utilize 5% exact match, 20% phrase match, and 10% key phrases.

In most circumstances, your advice depends on who gives it and what sector you work in.

Anchor text practices can usually be established by following the instructions provided and making little adjustments here and there.

A more in-depth review is needed to determine what works best for your SEO and organic results once you’ve established a baseline.

If you’re having trouble, you can always check out what your competitors are doing!

Recommendation: Based on research showing the impact of Penguin 4.0 on a wide range of companies in various areas.


3. Provide Relevant Resources, Not Random


Search engines have detected additional ranking signals throughout time.

Link relevance, or how closely a page’s topic is related to another’s, stands out.

Page A and page B search rankings may benefit from a related link.

“Link relevance” occurs when people link to other websites because of:

  1. Page topic
  2. Anchor text on the page

Relevance signals are more substantial when a link refers to relevant content than unrelated content.

A link to a coffee shop’s website from a page on the best New York City coffee is more likely to send a relevant signal to Google than a link to a squirrel picture site.

So keep your anchor text as detailed as possible to boost link relevancy.


4. Ratio is not Everything Always


No discernible association could be discovered with or without phrase matching, partial matching, or randomness.

That is primarily due to Google’s sophisticated AI models, which allow the search engine to examine a website’s whole meaning and anchor text.

Obviously, rather than just one piece of anchor text on its own.

If you want to spend your time as efficiently as possible, do not bother tinkering with a site’s anchor-text ratio.

To be noticed by Google’s algorithms, it’s best to keep your efforts minimum.


5. Never Forget About Your Image


You are missing out on many benefits if you do not have them.

They aid visually challenged readers in their comprehension of a picture.

Besides serving as anchor text, picture anchor texts inform Google algorithms about the content of an image.

For tags to be effective; they need to be very descriptive and grammatically correct.

It used to be standard practice to overuse keywords in image tags, but Google swiftly nipped it in the bud.

Choose a primary term, match keywords, and combine it into a particular image-descriptive statement.


Now let’s dive into something you may badly need when you go for an anchor text optimization in SEO.

It is none other than –

Anchor Text Optimization and Google Penguin Updates


Anchor text commonly uses SEO-optimized keywords.

Use “mobile app” and “mobile developer” as anchor text on other websites to rank for such keywords.

In anticipation of Penguin, avoid over-optimizing anchor text.

Let’s examine!


Quality Trumps Quantity


Google needs to know these keywords from your web pages.

Ten connections from trustworthy sites are worth more than 30 from low-quality ones.

We will explore brand-related connections’ purpose and implementation.


Use Brand Names


Get backlinks or link anchors to your brand’s name to gain from its “known” status.

If a fan of your products or brand blogs about them, they’ll link to your URL or business name.

Here external links and internal links both need to be used carefully. 


Anchor Text Variations


Never use keywords or brand names as anchor text.

Mix phrases for natural variety.

Use phrases like “Click here” or “Find out more” in addition to brand terms and optimized keywords.


Be Careful with Mage Anchors


Your site is adrift on the internet; thus, building backlinks is crucial.

So your keyword-optimized anchor text is constantly on your mind.

Penguin is looking for sites that “overdo” anchor text.

It is permissible to utilize trademark words and modify anchor text to give Google signals.


Avoid overdoing it


If you do this with your rich anchor texts, Google Penguin will hurt your SEO.

Despite all the talk about anchors, Penguins, and the internet,

It’s hard to detect whether you’ve over-optimized or used the correct anchor text.

We can help make your website Penguin-resistant.


Contact us if you have questions regarding improving your website.


Wrapping Up – Anchor text Optimization in SEO: How to do it?


Now you can imagine how much important anchor text optimization in SEO is, right?

Hopefully, it is a yes.

With these basic ideas and strategies, you can help other folks seeking which approach they can apply for their business that wants to grow online.

Even you can inspire your readers to continue returning to your website and obtain more traffic by applying the perfect anchor text optimization strategies by SEO experts indeed.

Remember that business owners’ main marketing tactic is word of mouth.

If you can spread the word and show your authenticity, you can win the market quickly as one of the perfect SEO-optimized brands.

And the suitable search engine optimization consultant agency can take your business another level up!

Another thing, creativity lies in you.

Create your strategies and ensure that all your anchor texts are SEO optimized.

But perfection comes from professionals, so go for the best always.

Now, I’d like to hear about the ideas or strategies that you have applied or planning for your anchor text optimization?

Can you tell me the ways that you have applied?

Could you share your thoughts with us?

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